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a man asking for intercession

Intercessory Prayers

Unearth the true power of intercessory prayer: a bridge to God's love and grace! Dive into the depths of Christ's Word to find solace and hope.




Prayer of Intercession

From the depths of my soul, I earnestly pray to our Heavenly Father for his grace and mercy upon others, interceding on behalf of those in need. As Christ is the only mediator between man and God, may His intercession offer hope and faith to all as we seek solace in His Word. Jesus said, “pray for one another” (James 5:16), so I humbly ask that You answer their cries with your incredible power in this time of uncertainty. Amen.


By: Editorial Team

Your Prayer Now

Draw inspiration from the faithful

Prayers to the Saints

Explore the power and grace of prayers to the saints. In these heartfelt petitions, devotees can find solace and guidance from beloved intercessors such as St. Joseph, St. Francis, St. Peter, and more. Reach out to these blessed ones by joining in with their timeless words of praise, the pursuit of holiness, and profound faith that has endured over thousands of years—you will be comforted knowing you have found companions on your religious journey!

St. Francis image

St. Francis of Assisi Prayer

Find powerful St. Francis prayers for the protection, recovery, and comfort of pets, as well as spiritual guidance and support for animal lovers.

St. Anthony image

St. Anthony Prayer

Experience the miraculous power of prayer with St. Anthony of Padua. Find guidance for personal struggles, relationships, and life’s challenges.

St. Jude image

St. Jude Prayer

Unlock the power of St. Jude’s intercession with these poignant prayers, providing hope and miracles during life’s most challenging moments.

St. Joseph image

St. Joseph Prayer

Turn to St. Joseph, the patron of families and workers, for his unwavering support and guidance in life’s journey, fostering love and unity.

St. Patrick image

St. Patrick Prayer

Turn to St. Patrick with these heartfelt prayers, honoring his dedication to spreading Christianity and his protection against evil forces.

St. Peregrine image

St. Peregrine Prayer

Find solace and strength through these heartfelt prayers to St. Peregrine, patron saint of cancer patients, and embrace his miraculous aid.

St. Benedict image

St. Benedict Prayer

Strengthen your faith through St. Benedict prayers, known for warding off evil spirits and promoting spiritual discipline in the pursuit of holiness.

St. Thomas Aquinas image

St. Thomas Aquinas Prayer

Turn to St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of scholars, with these uplifting prayers that foster wisdom and understanding while strengthening your faith.

Connect with your spiritual guardians

Prayers to the Angles

Invoke the power of the angels in your prayers and feel touched by divine mercy. Receive comfort and clarity as you pray to Archangel Raphael for healing, strength, and protection. Let Archangel Gabriel inspire your vision with mental alacrity so you may find faith deep within yourself. Pray to your Guardian Angel for wise guidance as it lovingly guides your every step through life’s pathways.

St. Raphael image

St. Raphael the Archangel Prayer

Invoke St. Raphael the Archangel for divine assistance in relationships, health, and spiritual growth with these heartfelt prayers and blessings.

St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel Prayer

Seek the divine protection of St. Michael, the valiant warrior who fought Satan and the wicked angel. Defend yourself with holy strength!

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel Prayer

Archangel Gabriel is renowned for delivering miraculous aid. Pray for grace and guidance, and have faith that He will answer your soul’s pleadings!

Archangel Uriel Image

Archangel Uriel Prayer

Call on the power of Archangel Uriel in times of need! Ask for his protection, divine wisdom, and grace to make wise decisions.

Embracing the love of the Holy Mother

Prayers to the Blessed Mother

Join in prayers dedicated to the Blessed Mother. By boosting faith through the heartfelt appeal of different denominations attributed to Our Lady, pray with reverence for the protection and comfort that Our Lady provides. Through devotion and reflection, you will find answers from Our Lady that can bless your life.

the Virgin Mary
Our Lady of Fatima image

Our Lady of Fatima Prayer

Discover Our Lady of Fatima’s timeless faith, hope, and healing message. Ask for her intercession and spiritual renewal with a heartfelt prayer!

Our Lady of Guadalupe image

Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer

Seek comfort with these prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas, and embrace her unwavering love and support.

Our Lady of Lourdes image

Our Lady of Lourdes Prayer

Experience the power of Our Lady of Lourdes’ healing miracles through these prayers. Strengthen your faith and find peace in her loving embrace.

Our Lady of Sorrows image

Our Lady of Sorrows Prayer

Join in prayer with Our Lady of Sorrows, Mother of Jesus, who intimately understands your pain and will provide comfort in your darkest moments.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel image

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Prayer

Seeking solace or guidance? Explore comforting prayers to Lady of Mount Carmel for healing, protection and love in life’s trying times. Reveal faith’s power today.

Our Lady of Grace image

Our Lady of Grace Prayer

Invoke Our Lady of Grace and experience her grace and mercy! Unfailing love and divine mercy await you through her Miraculous Medal.

Connecting with ancestral spirits

Santeria Prayers

Explore the beauty of Santeria prayers – authentic and evocative expressions of faith in powerful Yoruba deities such as Ogun, Yemaya, and Shango. Fill your heart with ancient peace that only these faiths can bring. Connect to the divine energies that have been passed down through countless generations since the time of Africa’s greatest kings and queens.

A group of people in procession
Ogun image

Ogun Prayer

Embark on a journey of riches through an axe-wielding Orisha! Ogun’s strength creates a path of prosperity, security, and good fortune.

Yemaya image

Yemaya Prayer

Wade into the waters of abundance found in Yemaya’s guidance. Ask her to protect you and bless you with hope, understanding, and peace.

Shango image

Shango Prayer

Summon the protection of the great Shango to seek answers and guidance. Grant courage, faith, and justice to find harmony and prosperity in life.

Obatala image

Obatala Prayer

Come to Obatala for powerful protection in life. Find physical wellness, abundance, and strong relationships through His light.


Learn about how powerful divine intervention through prayer can be, and find tips on increasing the effectiveness of your intercessory prayers. You’ll feel inspired by both its spiritual depth and practical relevance!

What Is a Prayer of Intercession?

A prayer of intercession is a way to earnestly pray for another person, typically asking God on their behalf for specific requests. It often focuses on seeking God’s power and kingdom while reflecting on His character and loving nature through Christ Jesus.

How to Intercede in Prayer for Someone?

To intercede in prayer for someone, focus your heart and mind on God with true devotion. Pray with sincere intent and faith, asking Him to answer the needs of that particular person while thanking Him for His mercy and grace. Speak out words of comfort in Jesus’ name, expressing your confidence in His unfailing love and faithfulness. Remember that you can rely on His power to inspire lasting hope in all who call upon Him.

How to Lead Intercessory Prayer in Church?

To lead intercessory prayer in Church, start by speaking reverently and engagingly. Express your faith and fervor for the Lord, invoking his name throughout the prayer. Ask the congregation to join hands and lift their thoughts heavenward. Empower the group with meaningful words of supplication to create significant moments of reflection and hope.

What Does the Bible Say About Intercessory Prayer?

The Bible tells us that intercessory prayer is a powerful faith and spiritual devotion tool. Through it, we can reach out to God on behalf of others, allowing the Holy Spirit to intervene in their lives. Hebrews 7:25 says, “He is always able to save those who come to God through him, since he always lives to intercede for them.” By praying for others, we recognize our need for grace and mercy from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Where Is the Intercessory Prayer in the Bible?

The intercessory prayer is in the Bible and can be found throughout the New Testament at various points:

  • Jesus himself demonstrates intercession in John 17:9-21.
  • We see Paul’s example of intercession in Ephesians 2:18.
  • Hezekiah was recorded to pray an intercessory prayer in Isaiah 37.

Most significantly, though, Jesus taught us throughout Scripture to bring our requests before God with faith and surrender, trusting that He will answer our prayers according to His Holy Will.

What Are Some Ways That Intercessory Prayer Makes a Difference in the Lives of Others?

Some ways intercessory prayer makes a difference in the lives of others is by providing comfort and support, deepening faith and relationship with God, offering hope to those without it, reminding people they are not alone in their struggles, and showing that love is abundant from the Divine.

What Is an Example of a Prayer of Intercession?

An example of a prayer of intercession is: “O God, You are an ever-present source of strength and hope; I humbly seek your mercy as I intercede on behalf of those in need. Grant them the courage and grace to stay strong under difficult circumstances, that they may be forever faithful in Your service. Amen.”

What Is the Power of Intercessory Prayer?

The power of intercessory prayer lies in its ability to tap into God’s divine power, allowing us to petition on behalf of a person or situation. Through intercessory prayer, we can ask God’s blessing and strength upon those we are praying for and rely on His mercy and grace to achieve the desired outcome. Such prayers create a bridge between Heaven and us, allowing us to share in the power of His love.