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Santeria Prayers

Humility and gratitude are the pathways to the Orishas. Send your prayers and receive divine blessings from Ogun, Shango, Yemanya, and more.




Prayers to the Orishas

O Great Orishas, I come before you in humility and gratitude. Hear my prayer and grant me your divine blessings! May Elegua open doors of opportunity, lead me to success and remove all obstacles from my path. May Ogun give me the courage to confront difficult situations with strength, confidence, and bravery. May Orula bestow his wisdom upon me so I can better understand myself and the world around me. May Obatala bring an inner peace that is calming, soothing tranquility, and harmony that strengthens my soul's foundation of energy. May Babalu Aye heal any wounds or illnesses afflicting my body or spirit and cleanse away all negative vibes I am surrounded by. May Olokun grant me prosperity beyond measure and a life full of abundance both spiritually & materialistically. May Yemaya use her mighty waters to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate my life. May Chango bestow on my courage and strength so I can bravely fight for what is right in times of battle. May Oshun bring riches, joy & true love into my realm, Bless me with the elixir of Life and help me find inner harmony within myself. May Oya blow forth the winds of change and abundance through all aspects of my life. May Oshunmare guide my actions successfully and in alignment with my higher purpose. May Olodumare grant me the undying faith I need to persevere through any circumstance life throws me. May Nana Buruku bestow her knowledge so I can use it to help better understand the power of love, light, and darkness. May Ochosi bring Justice and balance to all of my endeavors, with a vigilant eye on creating fairness throughout them. Hear my cry, oh Powerful Orishas, and divinely bless me! Ashe!

By: Editorial Team

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