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A powerful prayer to stop drinking and smoking

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It is unfortunate how many vices our loved ones, and we are exposed to and how complicated it is to get out of them after they have reached the bottom of the well.

If this is the case with you or someone you love, don’t be anxious because God is there to help us with everything it takes for your loved one to recover.

With these beautiful prayers, I bring you today; I can almost guarantee that the person you love will recover and emerge from the horrendous addiction of which he is now a slave, whether we are talking about drinking or smoking.

🍺 Prayer to stop drinking

Our Lord Jesus Christ, I find myself in the painful need to bother you so that you can help a being that I love very much to recover from the addiction of beer since drinking can kill you from one moment to the next without me being able to do anything to prevent it.

He has tried many times to stop this active addiction he has with alcohol, but nothing easy was done to him with this task.

Moreover, every day, I see him immersed more and more in alcoholism and incapable of getting out of this nightmare in which he has precipitated himself and also absorbed all of us who love and appreciate him.

I’d appreciate it if you could help us because we can’t do it alone.


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🚬 Prayer to stop smoking

Dear Almighty God and Creator of the Universe, I have a terrible and frightful addiction to tobacco, and I no longer know what to do to get rid of it before it is too late.

I know that only you have the power to heal me and get me out of the ravine in which I threw myself and no parachute to stop me on the way.

Tobacco gave me great pleasure at times when I felt that no one around me understands me, but I realized very late the harm it was doing to myself, and I want to remedy it as soon as possible.

This is where your infinite healing power comes in, My Beloved Father.

I have been a disgrace as a son, but I ask you to help me to organize my life and to return to the path of goodness before I can do nothing.


🍷 Prayer for a husband to stop drinking

My Beloved and Honored Heavenly Father, I no longer know what else to do, and this despair is killing my life. My husband never stops drinking alcohol and gave up his duties as a father to celebrate whenever he could.

I’ve been on the verge of giving up several times, but our children and the life we’ve had together won’t let me do that.

That’s why I come to you and ask you to help us in this painful trance that we’re going through because I don’t want to miss my marriage or the wonderful man I married.

I trust that you will help my husband get out of this and that we will be the happy family that we have always been.


How effective are these prayers and their effects?


These prayers are as effective as the faith with which they are prayed.

If you pray with faith and conviction that you can survive the problem of addiction, you can be sure that God will hear you and be rewarded for the hope you have professed in him.

As for the speed of its effects, there is no specific calculation of when they will be heard, but be sure that it will be like this at a moment’s notice.