Prayer to Saint Therese of Roses

Ask Saint Therese of the Roses to grant you divine grace, and give you her protection in difficult times, need for money, or housing problems.

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Prayers to St. Therese of the Roses

πŸ˜‡ Saint Therese of the Roses - Therese of Lisieux
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
πŸ™Œ Patron: Catholic missionaries, florists and gardeners, against the loss of parents, tuberculosis and AIDS patients

Devout people turn to the prayers to Saint Therese of Roses in search of her blessings and when she desires them thanks to the situation of need or in gratitude.

Therese of Lisieux, better known throughout the world as St. Therese of the Child Jesus or the Holy Face, or only St. Therese, was a Christian nun who caused great devotion after her death for the martyrdom she lived in the name of God.

This Saint is known to be the patroness of the neediest, since she belonged to the Barefoot Carmelite Order who, out of devotion to Christ, gave support, shelter, and food to the poorest people of the population.

Your prayer to St. Therese of the Roses will always be heard when you dedicate all your faith and words to this Holy Queen, servant of the word of God.

Prayer to Saint Therese of Roses to obtain a grace

Oh! Holy Therese, I hope in your infinite goodness that you will understand and forgive all my offenses against you.

I thank you with all my heart for your powerful forgiveness, and I will thank you for all eternity for your trust.

I have failed, powerful mother, because I have fallen, I am a son with a weak spirit. I did not say my prayer to You when I was tempted in a moment of despair to ask for the salvation of my soul.

For the future, I resolutely swear to come to You with humility, especially when I am in danger and ask for Your light, glory, favors, and help. I want to change my history of sins and weak spirit.

I think what good will these resolutions and promises do, Oh Saint Therese, if you do not help me with graces and I do not put them into practice and apply them?

Help me, for the sake of the Son of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, our Lord, to be always faithful to my word and your divine holiness, never abandon me when I am tempted.

The loss of your holy and sacred grace is the worst thing that can happen, so I ask you to give me your hand and help me overcome the moments of spiritual weakness that I have recently faced.

I will make a holy novena, for nine days, with joy, for you. Give me the strength to pray every day for your name, to venerate and adore you. Watch over me, doctor of the rose, for your infinite blessing is what I long for.

Amen St. Therese!

Prayer to St. Therese of the Child Jesus, nothing troubles you

Dear little Saint Therese of the Child Jesus! Give me your divine grace and guide me in the way of the Lord, because I have been tempted by evil forces that have been incorporated into this environment and that seek to test mercy and faith before Christ.

You know better than anyone that my faith and faithfulness to God the Father is infinite and that nothing can destroy it. However, I still find it annoying to have so much negative energy around us.

I ask you, Holy Mother, to make me recover my spirituality and have the strength to fight against the sin that surrounds me because, in these modern times, we are bombarded from all sides and with information full of blasphemies.

My mind is cloudy as if a black cloud had built a house inside this head on this day. This is not letting me think. I feel a prisoner of sins and with general weakness.

Please help me, Mother, with your intercession, to completely evaporate the sin of this life because I want to have hope, intelligence, and professional and personal merits.

Please give me the courage to be able to distinguish good from evil, especially in the people around me who influence my mood and thoughts. I don’t want evil desires to get in the way of my being, so I ask you to create a shield around me.

Centuries and centuries, amen!

How to make your request to the Saint of the Roses

All prayers you make should be made through the most profound devotion to the Saint and God. You can change some terms to what you seek or need.

Remember that they are the representation of God and his most holy benevolence so that addressing one of the sacred saints has the same effect and requires the same respect as sending the Lord.

You begin to have a few minutes before going to bed to relax, meditate, and speak directly to God and his saints and make appeals that are honest and come from the heart.

Honesty is fundamental when it comes to belief and the gift of Christ.


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