Prayer to Saint Sebastian

Need protection or a favor? Are you experiencing any difficulties in love? Don't worry, you can ask for St Sebastian's intercession.

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Prayers to Saint Sebastian

😇 Saint Sebastian
🎉 Commemoration:
🙌 Patron: archers, soldiers, infantry, athletes, against pests and disasters.

For those cases where you need all the help to achieve your goals, get away from your enemies or want to conquer love, resort to the prayer to Saint Sebastian, Patron of Archers, Soldiers, and Athletes.

There are many occasions when you are forced to prove your bravery every day, in front of each one of the challenges that the world imposes on us.

But the problem is, you won’t always be able to do it alone.

That will help you achieve everything you set out to accomplish in this life, as long as you work and pray to Saint Sebastian.

Prayer to Saint Sebastian for protection

Dear Saint Sebastian, I have some bad feelings for myself, and I can’t control what they cause me, so I turn to you to close my body before it’s too late.

I thought I had some friends, but I realized they are just looking for me to steal some of my light and divine protection from the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t know when they will want to do something terrible against me, to destroy me.

I know that you, Holy Patron of Archean and Soldiers, protect us from misfortunes, from the epidemic, from hunger and the plague. I have hope, and I beg you to protect me and prevent this evil from increasing.

You, who with your glorious infinite power, prevented the death of hundreds of warriors who fought in the name of noble causes, I know that you will also stop those who want to harm me in any way, with your arrows of soldier and creature of God.

Oh! Glorious martyr Saint Sebastian, I know you will protect me from everything, even if it means teaching a lesson to those evil beings of infinite darkness.

I know you understand all the power that many of some people have to destroy me. However, it is also evident that no one equals your mercy and infinite humanity.

You have taken care of the most powerful soldiers and generals in history, so I know that you will take care of me and do the same to me.

I pray this prayer to you, against the energy of the creatures that want me wrong, I am sure, and let it be evident to all of them, that they cannot deal with me, much less with your powerful protection.

Amen Lord God, Father!

Prayer to Saint Sebastian to obtain a grace

I know I don’t have much, but I am now praying for your help. Merciful spirituality, dear Saint Sebastian, and I also know that there is no way to repair such a mistake to your right name and your work.

Even so, I know that in your infinite goodness and patience, you will forgive me and give me your blessing for any mistakes I may have made.

Today I appeal to you, holy protector, and to your formidable integrity to achieve what I have long desired.

There are many needs and problems I have gone through to get what I have always wanted for myself, so I do not want to fail you in the outcome.

There have been many situations that I have been forced to overcome at this stage of my life, so I ask you, as a Christian, and Divine Spirit, from the bottom of my heart to grant me your mighty and gentle hand to lift me, in this holy war, to the place for which I have fought so hard all this time.

I know that so many needs and problems will be to prove my faith and teach me. I know you will stay with me, so I will not give up and never will.


Prayer to Saint Sebastian for love

Dear and much venerated Saint Sebastian, I have a sadness of love that is burning my soul and eating my heart to pieces.

It’s so much pain and suffering that I can’t even breathe as when my happiness was full.

I pray to you with the highest possible humility as a son to help me recover the person I loved most.

I know that I have taken action and done things to him that I shouldn’t and perhaps don’t deserve his forgiveness. However, I can’t help thinking about his beautiful smile and his graceful gestures. I fell in love like never before, and I love that wonderful being with me.

I turn to you because I know that only you understand my pain, patron saint of archers and soldiers.

You understand any pain better than anyone else, so I ask you not to abandon me in this situation that afflicts me every day.


How to make your request to Saint Sebastian

Of course, these prayers can be changed according to your wishes without any problem.

Let us not forget that we all have different problems and needs, so the prayers may also have to be changed.

The martyr Saint Sebastian is interested in knowing the needs and evils of all his faithful, so you can adapt your prayers and put what you want the Patron Saint of Soldiers to do for and by you.


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