Prayer to Saint Roch

If you have a wound that needs to heal quickly or a dog that has been lost... Saint Roch will always be at your side to help with that prayer.

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πŸ˜‡ St. Roch - Rocco
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
πŸ™Œ Patron: cholera, epidemics, knee problems, plague, skin diseases.

Thousands make protector of dogs and pets, the prayer to St. Roch of people around the world.

Saint Roch is also considered the patron of the sick and the poor because, in life, he has helped hundreds of people in need, bringing healing and the word of the Lord in their lives.

One very sick day, Saint Roch was saved by a lost dog that took care of him and fed him until his cure.

Since then, this saint owes his complete protection to the dogs, so that you can turn to him with the prayer to Saint Roch.

Prayer to St. Roch for healing wounds

Glorious St. Roch, to whom the Almighty gave the grace and gift of caring for and healing the contagious sick!

You healed the terminally ill and removed powerful infections from their bodies with just a cross and a prayer to Our Lord.

Your power is incomparable, and that is why I come to you today to ask for the protection and healing of my wounds.

I pray, Saint Roch, that you will free me from this infection that afflicts me so much.

Deer of God, the witness of the unconditional faith I have towards the Lord, I ask you to heal my body from the contagion of the plague.

You have given everything for the health of the sick, the poor, and the neediest. Intercede for us before the Lord for our salvation.

Heal my body, my soul, and my spirit. Give me back the peace and health that I used to have years ago, and I will be humbly grateful to you for the rest of my days.

Amen Father!

Prayer to Saint Roch for dogs

Oh, Saint Roch!

God healed you by divine intervention through a dog, who helped you survive a terrible disease. He taught you the love you can have for animals and gave you the gift of protecting and healing them.

I speak to you today, Saint Roch because my dog is seriously ill and requires your divine intervention for his complete healing.

Protector of the dogs, you have dedicated your work to defend them from all the evil, and I beg you today, save my dog.

He was my faithful adventurer, he taught me what true love means, and I cannot but beg him to eliminate from his body the disease that makes him suffer.

He does not show it, but I know he is tired of fighting, so I ask you to give him the strength to continue fighting.


Prayer to Saint Roch to find a dog

Almighty God, who taught me unconditional and pure love! That love is the same as I felt for my pet dog for my friend.

I ask you, God, to give all your power to those you have healed through the goodness of a dog, to protect my dog, and help me to get him back.

My dog is lost, Saint Roch. He’s a beautiful dog which knows no evil and only wants to bring love to people, so he won’t be able to recognize the people who want to hurt him.

I ask you to bring my dog back safe and sound. God put people on his way to care, offer water, food, shelter, and love until he comes back to my house.

Protect him from all evil, whether human or animal, do not allow him to be hurt, for he is extraordinary and will not know how to defend himself.

Light his path, but the smell of family in his snout so that he can return home as soon as possible!

Protect him, I beg you. Amen!

How to make your request to Saint Roch

Prayers to St. Roch should be held in a calm and serene environment. If your pet can accompany you at the time of the prayers, it will be ideal.

You should feel the words as if they were your own. If you need to change any sentence or prayer to give a sense of belonging to the prayer, do not hesitate to do so, because success lies in honesty and commitment.


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