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St. Roch Prayer

Saint Roch

Protector of dogs and pets, Saint Roch, is venerated by thousands of people around the world every August 16 to ask for the protection of pets and healing of their diseases.

However, St. Roch is not only the patron saint of dogs, but in many parts of the world, he is considered the patron saint of the sick and the poor because in life he helped hundreds of needy people bringing healing and the word of the Lord into their lives.

He grew up in a wealthy family in the South of France, having been orphaned of father and mother, he decided to give his family’s fortune to the people of his village and embarked on a journey to meet God and his teachings.

Since then, he dedicated the rest of his life to caring for the poorest and most needy. Many say that to heal his wounds; he only had to make the sign of the holy cross on his forehead and pray a prayer to Our Lord.

One day he contracted an illness, and when he was about to die, Saint Roque was saved by a stray dog that took care of him and fed him until his complete healing.

Since then, this saint owes his complete protection to the canines of the families so you can turn to him in times of need.

🤕 Prayer to Saint Roch for healing wounds

Glorious Saint Roch, son of God to whom the Almighty gave the grace and gift of caring for and healing the contagious sick, those whom no one wanted to approach for fear of facing.

You healed the terminally ill and removed powerful infections from their bodies with only a cross and a prayer to Our Lord. Your power is unparalleled, and that is why I come to you today to ask for the protection and complete healing of my wounds.

I pray, Saint Roch, that you will free me from this infection which afflicts me so much and which is eating my body from within, just as God did with you at the time.

You are God’s deer, and you are a witness of the absolute faith I have toward the Lord, so I ask you to heal my body at this time.

You gave everything for the health of the sick; you gave everything for the poor and the neediest. Intercede for us before the Lord for our salvation.

Let him hear our supplications and prayers to heal diseases. Please keep away from us all evil spirits that can harm us.

Heal my body, my soul, and my spirit. Give me back the peace and health I used to have, and I will humbly be grateful to you for the rest of my days.


🐶 Prayer to St. Roch for sick dogs

Oh, St. Roch! Blessed are you in the world of heaven to whom God allowed you to enter forever after showing your unconditional love and trust.

He, who healed you through his divine intervention in a house dog. Who cured and helped you to survive a terrible disease. He taught you the love you can have for animals and gave you the gift of protecting and healing them from illness.

I speak to you today, St. Roch because my dog is seriously ill and requires your divine intervention for his complete healing.

You are the protector of dogs, you have dedicated your work to defend them from all evil, and I beg you today, save my dog.

He has been my faithful companion of adventures, he has taught me what true love means, and I cannot but beg you to eliminate from his body the disease that makes him suffer and hurt.

He doesn’t want to prove it but I know he’s tired of fighting, so I ask you to give him the strength to keep fighting.


🐾 Prayer of Saint Roch to find a dog

God Almighty. My faith in you has no limits and has taught me unconditional and true love. That love is the same I’ve felt for my pet, my friend, my dog.

I beg you, God, give all your power to St. Roch, whom you healed through the kindness of a dog, to protect my dog and help me recover it.

My dog is lost, Saint Roch, and I don’t know where it is. He is a noble dog which knows no evil and only wants to bring his love to all the people around him so he will not be able to recognize people who want to hurt him.

I beg you to bring back my dog safe and sound. Put people on his path to take care of him, offer him water, food, shelter, and love, in the time it takes him to get back to my home.

Protect him from all evil, both human and animal, do not allow him to fight or be wounded in the street as he is very noble and will not know how to defend himself.

Enlighten his way to our home, place the smell of his family on his snout so he can return home as soon as possible. Saint-Roque, protect him, I beg you. Amen.

How to pray strongly to St. Roch

Prayers to St. Roch should be made in a quiet and serene environment. The strength of a noble animal will enhance the prayer, so if your pet can accompany you at the time of making the prayers would be ideal.

It would be best if you felt the words as your own. If you need to change any phrase or sentence to give a sense of belonging to the prayer, do not hesitate to do so, because success is in honesty and commitment.