Prayer to Saint Lucy

If you are having problems with your eyes and you wish the divine healing of St. Lucy, do not hesitate to resort to one of these prayers of healing.

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πŸ˜‡ St. Lucy
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

Lucy of Syracuse, better known to all Catholic believers as St. Lucy, is the patron saint of the neediest, but mainly known throughout the world as the patron saint of people who are blind or have medical problems in their eyes.

The sacred story tells that Saint Lucy had a suitor who courted her and fervently desired her, especially for the beauty of her eyes. However, she had already dedicated her life to the Lord, so she was only interested in a relationship with God.

The man’s insistence succeeded in penetrating her heart, which decided to tear out her eyes and send them to him so that he would have them forever.

The man understood that God’s path was the right one, and he began in Christianity from that moment on. For her part, Lucy, although she had no eyes, never lost her sight because God gave it to her through her soul.

If you are having problems with your eyes, pray to Saint Lucy.

A short prayer to Saint Lucy

Rubbing your eye with scratch

Saint Lucy, who passed by with her horse eating grass, get this mackerel out of here for me!

Prayer to Saint Lucy protector of the eyes

Oh, Lady, hear our prayers as we venerate you in the light of the faith you have given us.

May your faith increase and in us be preserved in the same light that our souls gave you, that light capable of avoiding evil, of doing good and of hating nothing but the blindness and darkness of evil and sin.

Trusting in your goodness, I humbly ask you for your intercession, Holy Light, and that you fill us with your mercy.

Mother, allow the perfect vision in our eyes so that they may serve your greater honor and glory, and spirituality. May the eyes of our soul always remain devoted to the Lord for the salvation of our souls in this world, so that we may enjoy the unshakable light of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You who have helped all who have passed through your temple with your horse and with tears in their eyes begged for healing and that of your loved ones, I implore you to hear my prayers today and allow me spiritual and physical healing.


Prayer to Saint Lucy for the healing of the eyes

Saint Lucy, you preferred to let your eyes be gouged out rather than deny your faith and profane your soul with sin. By an extraordinary miracle, you replaced them with another pair of healthy and perfect eyes to reward your virtue and faith.

You have been appointed protector against eye diseases, and that is why I come to you today to protect and cure the disease that afflicts my eyes.

Oh! Holy Light, guard, and preserve the light of my eyes so that I may see the beauties of creation, see my family, the brightness of the sun, the color of flowers, and the smile of children.

I pray that through your divine mercy, you may heal me. Take this problem out of my eyes and allow me to recover them for the rest of my days.

Keep also the eyes of my soul, and the faith through which I can know God, understand his teachings, recognize his love for me and never lose the path that leads me to you.


How to make your request to Saint Lucy

All the prayers you offer, whether to Saint Lucy or any other saint, must come from the heart and honesty for a real effect.

You have to do them in time of real need, and with the greatest humility, your soul allows you, because you are talking to a servant of God who has been touched with her divine hands.

Praying to the saints requires the same connection as praying to God Himself so that you do not incur sins, false promises, or lies, for it will be like harming our Lord.


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