Prayer to Saint Longinus

Who hasn't lost something already? Who hasn't gone into agony and despair? If that's your problem, pray to St. Longinus, asking for his powerful help.

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πŸ˜‡ St. Longinus
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You lost something, and you can’t find it? Do not despair, pray to St. Longinus with faith, and you will see how the object appears before your eyes.

Longinus of Caesarea, venerated by devout Christians as St. Longinus was the Roman soldier who made the wound on the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, when he was crucified, with his spear.

Repentant of all the damage he had caused to the son of God, he converted to Christianity. He dedicated this vocation of religiosity, for the rest of his life on earth, to the preaching of the word of the Lord in all the surrounding villages and the salvation of his soul.

Worshipped by hundreds of people around the world, people ask for his help in severe cases or when something has been lost and is nowhere to be found.

He is one of the most sought after saints in times of darkness, and the miracles he has bestowed on God’s faithful believers have been documented throughout history. So have faith in praying to St. Longinus, patron saint of lost things.

Prayer to Saint Longinus to find things lost

Dear Blessed Saint Longinus, your benevolence is absolute, and your devotion to God is admirable. You are an example of what I want to follow in life as a Christian devotee. So I need you to give me forgiveness and guide each of my steps towards spiritual healing and the kingdom of heaven.

My desperate prayer today is for you to help me find something that has been lost (name). It is an essential thing that I need now, and I cannot do without it, so I beg you to open the way to truth and love, and show me in my thoughts the place where I left this material.

Holy, guide my path to this object, (or lost objectives), and make it appear before my eyes, and thus finally stop this agony in my chest and the tireless search I am making.

I thank you all the times you have helped me find the lost objects, and I beg you to grant me again the holy mercy and the miracle for this occasion.

I promise you, Saint Longinus, as a son and a true Christian, that I will give you three little leaps I will venerate you eternally for helping me in this moment of despair.

Saint Longinus, Saint Longinus, helps me to find (say the name), and I will give you three little jumps!

Don't despair, look more calmly

When using the force of prayers to Saint Longinus to find lost things, you must do an exhaustive search to find the secret hiding place of that belonger who is bringing you so many grey hairs.

You must start by not despairing and try to remember the last place you saw, put or hid the belongings, or products you are looking for.

If you don’t find it in its usual place, try to retrace your steps and make a count of your day determine at what point the item was lost and create a more limited search.

Think of places other than the usual places where the product could be found, or people who might have grabbed or used it without telling you they would lend it.

Ask Saint Longinus for patience and have faith!


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