Prayer to Saint Lazarus

The powerful prayer to St. Lazarus is known to unite families and cure complicated and impossible diseases in people and animals.

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Prayers to Saint Lazarus

πŸ˜‡ St. Lazarus - Lazarus of Bethany
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

Pray to St. Lazarus to cure impossible diseases for any incoming illness, or injury to your body, or if you want protection from animals.

Saint Lazarus is one of the miracles of Jesus Christ. Jesus raised him from his grave four days after he died of leprosy. Martha and Mary are his sisters.

Throughout his life story, he has been a faithful follower and friend of Jesus, and an essential source of knowledge of the wonders and Spirit of Christ, to spread the word of the Gospel to his entire community.

He is a saint of devotion throughout the world. He was dubbed β€œthe miracle worker” because of the countless testimonies of healing given by this saint to the sick and for the protection of people and animals. So if you need to, say the prayers to Saint Lazarus.

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for a dog

Blessed be St. Lazarus, who shows the greater faith, the importance of the power granted by the Father, and by Jesus to all believers. You have love and compassion for all living beings, including pets.

Those beings who, although not human in form, can show humility, love, and compassion worthy of mercy, who only want the good of their masters and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

You, protector of dogs and the needy, are the ones to whom I go today in search of my prayers for divine protection for my sick dog.

I ask you to put on your mantle of treatment over all the sick creatures of the planet so that adversity and pain do not know them, and so that they may fulfill the great destiny and purpose designated by Our Father, those of protectors and fidelity to man.

You are the holy protector of dogs, and I ask you to protect my pet from any evil that wants to persecute him because I cannot alone.

I need your help; please intercede for me in my dog so that he may have a long and healthy life at my side. He is my living, faithful companion, and loves me as much as God has taught him.

Protect him, Saint Lazarus. Amen!

Prayer to St. Lazarus to heal wounds

You are the patron of the poor and the sick, and you have demonstrated hundreds of times the real power that Our Lord has given you to continue your work of protection, healing, and light to the needy.

You, who were raised by Jesus Christ himself and knew firsthand the power of powerful healing!

Today I pray to you, St. Lazarus, that with your divine protection, you may take care of all the sick people and loved ones who need your help in their home, enter your door in these difficult times.

You who protect those who suffer, you who in your flesh knew the pain of the disease and were overcome by it momentarily! And then, He allowed you to come out of your grave and heal your body.

Do the miracles with your hands, give the power of resurrection to the sick. Allow them to disappear from sickness, from wounds, from contagious diseases, with strength and religiosity in the soul.

I beg you, keep the evil away from my body and from my family and all my friends whom I love.

It allows our health to be optimal in these difficult times; it protects us from adversities and from evil entities that want to express themselves in the form of wounds or illnesses, as well as affecting our forces and spirits.

The Divine Master has given you the power to heal, and I beg you, Saint Lazarus, to use it when you are most needed.


How to make your request to Saint Lazarus

The Lord hears all prayers that come from the heart and honesty.

You should always pray in a quiet place, away from distractions or people you know who can judge your words.

Prayers must have their content, you can change them, feel them in your heart, and thus you will achieve a genuine miracle connection with the prayer to St. Lazarus.

The protection of the saint will be granted if and where you have absolute fidelity. If you want to change a sentence in the prayer to make it more personal for you, do not hesitate to do so. Prayers are not rigid, and you do not worry about changing them, as long as it is for the best.


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