Prayer to Saint John the Baptist

When you need help in love or protection, St. John the Baptist can help you. Ask Him to achieve the grace you need because He is powerful.

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Prayers to St. John the Baptist

πŸ˜‡ St. John the Baptist
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

There comes a time in life when we all need the intercession of some saint, and this prayer to St. John the Baptist is mighty, but pray with devotion.

If something worries you or needs someone, or drives away enemies, turn to St. John the Baptist through this prayer, and he with his gifts will always be ready to help you in whatever you need.

Prayer to St. John the Baptist against enemies

My dear and beloved St. John the Baptist, I need all the protection and strength to fight against the enemies who want to harm my family and me.

I ask with devotion to God the Father, Jesus, and Mary, for I know that in your infinite goodness, you will not make anyone hurt or hurt me, even if I am being persecuted.

Your power and miracles are so mighty that nothing and no one can overthrow you, so put my name on your path of prayer.

My enemies are more influential than they seem, which does not allow me to be willing, and I have no weapons to face them alone, Lord!

Martyr of the world and master of the truth, for my virtues, merits, and dedication to good, I ask for the light of the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ, to close my body for his goodness, friendship, and affection.

I will trust in you my destiny as the strength of the waters of the Jordan River. Thus I will not have a yearning for doubt in the resolution of my problems, and therefore I will not be afraid of anything.

A word of thanks from you is more than enough to give me great relief and not cause me too much fear and apprehension of the terms and actions of those who think they can harm me.

Amen to the Saints!

Prayer to Saint John for love

Dear Saint John the Baptist, I am addressing you because I have a pain of love that consumes what little I have left of my soul and head.

My heart is just a piece of hurt and sore muscle that I do not know if I can be healed. I ask your attention to unrequited love. I need his divine intercession for him to look and notice me and feel the beginning of a feeling.

Good spirit, I open my heart and say that I never thought I would love someone like that before, but it happened to me.

I love that beautiful being, and I know that I can only get some comfort if he turns around and looks at me with half the affection that I know you look at your devotees.

My patron saint, I dare ask you sincerely to help me in everything that corresponds to that person (say the name) so that he understands me with the same tenderness that I have for him.

No one will love him as I do, and I know that I will try everything to make him happy. I know my shortcomings, but I will be improving my attitudes and personality.

Amen! Glorious St. John the Baptist!

Prayer to St. John the Baptist to obtain a grace

My priest, I have a great need to have a day full of light and optimism, but my faith will not be complete if I do not talk to you first, my great and dear Saint John the Baptist.

I have done everything to try to achieve my desires and goals, working with dedication, and doing good to others. I know that nothing would be possible without his infinite goodness and power.

It’s been a long way to get here, and it’s all thanks to you, Saint John.

I will never have a way to thank you for everything you do for me every day of my life. Probably the ones I have left to live for, too.

There have been many sacrifices and sufferings to achieve the rewards I know I am about to complete, but I will not give up after I have come so far.

All I ask of you on this day is that you never leave my side in prosperity or adversity.

Even if everything goes as I have planned, you can be sure that there will not be a moment in the day when I do not thank you infinitely for everything you do for me.

Thank you and Amen!

How to make your request to Saint John the Baptist

It would be ideal for taking a few minutes to pray to Saint John the Baptist because that would show that you are willing to listen and be heard all the time.

What is important to emphasize is that it is not a rule or something that will affect your requests in any way.

All you have to do is pray with the devotion that everything you ask for will always come true.

Even if you forget to pray from time to time, St. John never forgets his.


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