Prayer to Saint George

Are you looking to protect yourself from your enemies? Solve a love affair? Improve your work situation? Say a powerful prayer to Saint George, the Warrior.

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πŸ˜‡ St. George - Saint Warrior
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration: -
πŸ™Œ Patron: Soldiers, knights, farmers, England, Portugal.

To understand any prayer to Saint George, pray in a quiet place. Feel the prayers deep inside your heart.

Use the words as my saint, warrior, protection, as a shield, to give thanks, to reach, to achieve.

Praying to St. George should be a personal action so that you are free to adapt these powerful prayers to your needs.

To request Saint George, you can accompany your prayers with a white, red, or green candle.

Prayer to Saint George against enemies

I need to keep enemies out of my life. I’m not as brave to do it alone, so I ask your blessing. I need the warrior at my side to keep any enemy away.

Christ and Holy Warrior protect me and defend me with your holy and grace, Virgin of Nazareth, cover me with your sacred and divine cloak, protecting me in all my pains and afflictions.

Glorious St. George, with your mercy and high power, be my defender against evil and persecutions.

Lord Jesus taught me to forgive, so I ask you not to hurt them, only to keep them away.

Please open my eyes, St. George, to show me the true intentions of the people.

Saint George, pray for us!

St. George Prayer (original)

I will go dressed and armed with the weapons of Saint George so that my enemies, having feet will not reach me; having hands will not trap me; having eyes will not see me, neither with thought can they cause me harm.

Firearms will not reach my body; knives and swords will break without touching my body, ropes and chains will break without tying my body.

Jesus Christ protects and defends me with the power of His Holy and Divine Grace.

The Virgin of Nazareth covers me with her sacred and divine mantle, protecting me in all my dolors and afflictions.

And God, with His Divine Mercy and great power, is my defender against the evils and persecutions of my enemies.

Glorious Saint George, in the name of God, extend to me your shield and your powerful arms, defending me with your strength and your greatness; and may my enemies underneath your feet become humble and submissive to you.

So Be it in the Power of God, of Jesus Christ and of the Divine Holy Spirit. Amen

πŸ“ƒ Author Unknown

Prayer to Saint George for protection

Lord, I have never failed in hope and the Christian faith.

Today, I ask you, in the name of Saint George, to enlighten me with your eternal flame. Allow me to contemplate all the sacrifices St. George has made in his name.

Allow me to feel the courage of St. George in my mind, spirit, and heart, because only then can I face the darkest problems that may arise.

He fought for you and suffered for it. However, he did it as an unconditional protector, and that all the open wounds meant nothing to him compared to your life and protection.

May my wounds be closed with your strength, grace, protection.

May your spiritual strength involve my soul, may your hand guide me to your true path.

Amen St. George!

Prayer to Saint George to bind love

Blessed St. George with the gift of sword fighting for the needy.

Saint George, I turn to you to ask you to fight for me and for the relationship I have with this person (so-and-so).

Lord Jesus is the witness of our connection with each other. Therefore, I ask that you always keep us united as a bond established around us, without any harm being done to undo it.

Protect us with your mighty sword from all the envy and jealousy that surrounds us. Please do not allow him to stray from me, for all he needs is to be by my side.

Tie him to my side so that we can share the deep passion we have for each other and under the loving hands of faith, which has blessed us.


Prayer to Saint George to tame a man

Saint George, blessed with the gift of fidelity and ardent protection to the glory! The glorious Father gave you the weapons to fight against all enemies who faced you, including the devil himself.

I pray to you, St. George, asking for your strength and courage to soothe the wrath of the man who is and whom I love. He has been guided by sin. There seems to be no place for the Saint in his heart, and all the negativity he carries is harming harmony and our paths.

Glorious St. George, I beseech you warrior clothed with his sword, let him put an end to cholera that darkens and clouds his mind that brings peace to my home.

You have defeated stronger enemies, and I have faith that you will be able to tame his wildest side to guide him on the path of peace and love.


Prayer to Saint George to bring love back

Glorious Saint George, warrior of God and Jesus Christ, knight protector, your fighting spirit has never kept you from your sentimental, loving, and sincere side. You showed your deep love and respect for Christ, your reason for fighting.

With this prayer, I ask you to bring love back into my life. I want to have hope, that I may reach grace, peace, the fire of my body of love and harmony at my side.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the right person by my sideβ€”a person who has love and harmony.

I am ready to receive love with open arms. I pray that I will bring it to my path, facilitating our encounter to begin the relationship I have always dreamed of.

I pray and make this request with faith and hope! Amen!

Prayer to St. George to get a job

Dear Saint George, you know how much I need a job.

I ask you, now that you put in my ways, job opportunities that adapt to the abilities that I have.

I want to get a job as soon as possible because my home and family need the money. Please open the way for job openings and give me the courage to face even those whom I think are out of my skills and knowledge.

Please give me a pleasant surprise, Saint George, because faith in you knows no limits.

Open my paths with great strength! Amen.

Pray to St. George to open doors

Saint George, you are synonymous with struggle, respect, and devotion. I thank you every time you hear my most desperate prayers.

I ask you now to open paths to allow me to continue my professional, family, and spiritual life. I need Lord Jesus Christ on this holy day to find new ways to achieve strength and greatness.

I am grateful for all that God has given me, Saint George. I know something is waiting for me, so take this hand and guide me to my destiny, paths to harmony and peace.

Protect me along the way, for malicious people abound and are always aware of evil.

Open my paths with great strength! Amen.

Prayer to Saint George Ogun

He will never go unanswered to the one who believes in him. Ogun, my father!

I will walk clothed and armed with the weapons of Ogun lest my enemies, having feet reach me, having hands reach me, having eyes see me, and in thoughts do me no harm.

Firearms my body will not reach, knives and spears will break without touching me, ropes and chains will burst without my body tied.

Christ, protect me and defend me from His holy and divine grace, Virgin of Nazareth, cover me with Your sacred cloak, protecting me in all my pains and afflictions. God, with Your heavenly grace, mercy, is my defender against evil and persecutions.

Glorious Ogun, extend to me your shield and your mighty weapons, defending me with your strength, and may under the paws of your faithful horse, my enemies be humble and submissive to you. So be it with the power of God and the Holy Spirit.

Ogun prays for us.


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