Prayer to Saint Clare

Ask Saint Clare of Assisi to open her ways in love! If you feel sorry for love problems, or if you want it to stop raining.

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Prayers to Saint Clare

πŸ˜‡ St. Clare
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

A faithful follower of St. Francis of Assisi and God’s teachings, Our Lord, has dedicated her whole life to the service of the neediest, in Italy and the world.

The only woman who wrote rules for religion, she was always very dedicated to the services of God and the fulfillment of all the teachings and lessons of Our Lord.

Thousands of people in the world adored her as the patroness of good weather and the search for the love of her partner.

If you are currently experiencing relationship problems or want to get good weather for your next trip, don’t hesitate to show your faith by praying to Saint Clare.

Prayer to Saint Clare for love

Mighty St. Clare! Manifestation in the land of the graces of God and the Holy Spirit. Today I come to you in prayer so that you may grant me the desire that I have carried in my being for some time.

You more than anyone knows the goodness of true love because you felt it for Our Lord. You are the one who taught me to love deeply, and so I want to be loved back.

I am alone now, Mother dear! My partner left because the relationship was no longer going well. My eyes are filled with tears. I come to ask for your mercy; please make the light and blessings return to my life.

My heart is regretting his departure (name), I must, Saint Clara, bring love back as soon as possible.

Dear Saint, grant us the gift of forgiveness so that we can put aside our differences, and then rebuild the relationship that has been lost, rebuild our family.

I love him fervently, and I trust that he loves me too.

Help me, Saint Clare, to recover a love that God has blessed, and that has ended the habit and the monotony.

Light the flame of desire in us, allow him to return to our home, and continue with our lives as before.

Saint Clare! I ask your grace in my relationship.


Prayer to St. Clare to stop the rain

Father, your son Jesus, Mary, and Holy Spirit, I come to you today to give thanks for all the good you have brought to this world and my life.

For putting your angels on our path, like Saint Clare, who helps you in your work to maintain peace and harmony among men!

Today, I ask you to allow Saint Clare to intercede for us before you and to let her hear all the prayers that are said daily in your name.

Saint Clare, the first disciple of Saint Francis of Assisi, You abandoned your riches to live a life of sacrifice at the service of the neediest. God blessed you and protected you, so today, I ask you to offer part of this protection with divine purposes to the men of the earth.

The climate is changing a lot and endangers our lives, plans, and daily lives.

I beg you to intercede before the kingdom of heaven to open the paths that were closed because of the storm, to rebuild connections lost by the action of nature.

Please clear the paths.

Help climate change be radical in the coming days for the better. It must stop raining so that the sun can rise again and protect us with its warmth and safety.

Protect us from any adversity, especially one that is accompanied by bad weather.


How to make your order to St. Clare

The action of praying implies a process of internal reflection that requires peace. The best prayers are those that are made in a comfortable and peaceful environment, under the certainty that you will not be judged.

Saint Clare was a faithful believer in God and lived her whole life in a monastery because she believed that the calm the environment offered her was the best way to connect with the Father.

Follow the teachings of St. Clare and choose a quiet place in your home that is exclusively dedicated to your Christian faith and pray where no one can interrupt you.

Only then can you reach the level of peace of mind necessary to pray with the Lord and feel His presence.


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