Prayer to Saint Cecilia

All professions can make this prayer. Are you a musician, and are you looking for some spiritual peace that will bring you closer to the Lord?

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๐Ÿ˜‡ St. Cecilia
๐ŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

Every profession in the world has a patron saint who watches over its well-being and its protection against adversity. For this prayer to St. Cecilia.

God took upon himself the task of protecting each one of his children; for this reason, he gave the saints unique qualities according to the personโ€™s profession. Of course, musicians would not be the exception to the rule.

St. Cecilia is one of the most venerable martyrs of Catholics in the world, thanks to the miracles she has granted throughout history.

Adored by millions of people around the world, St. Cecilia has become one of the most important Christian figures of the last century, especially by musicians who pray and make their prayers to her for her protection.

Do you know a musician who is going through a difficult time in his life?

Then donโ€™t hesitate to pray to Saint Cecilia.

Prayer to Saint Cecilia for the musicians

Oh, Saint Cecilia! Daughter of God, glorious virgin, and faithful wife of Jesus Christ. I come to you because I need your divine protection and salvation.

I am a simple sinner, in the rear of God, praying for his forgiveness, his will, and his intercession before Jesus Christ.

I ask you to offer me the charity of divine protection, prosperity, and the grace of virtue on the path of purity in these difficult times.

You know that I work with my hands and that I depend on them for the technique of playing music in Godโ€™s name, so please offer them special protection.

Lady, take care of all evil, wounds, and accidents. Give me strength, rhythm, confidence, knowledge, honor, tuning, and the stars, for, without them, I will be incomplete.

With your protective cloak, I beg you to protect my family and my loved ones.

You, who loved Jesus Christ so much in life, have lived in your flesh the terrors that unbelievers bring with them; the false accusations, deceits, and betrayals you have suffered, teach me to be strong in the face of adversity.

Give me St. Cecilia, only a tenth of your courage, and I will be as strong as God wants.

Oh! Blessed Virgin, hear my prayers that I offer you with my heart.


How to make your request to Saint Cecilia

Pope Francis, in an intervention on the first martyrs who lived since the birth of Jesus Christ, highlighted the importance of the Gospel in their learning and love of God.

Nothing would belong to them if they did not know the Christian method, unconditional love, and the true stories of miracles that happened thanks to the Gospel.

Referring to St. Cecilia, Pope Francis emphasized the incredible influence that the Gospel had on the life of the Virgin and assured that it was the word of God that helped this figure to become the woman of unshakeable faith who helped hundreds of people in need.

When you feel sad or want to recover a little spiritual peace, do as St. Cecilia did and turn to the Gospel.


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