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St. Cecilia Prayer

Let Saint Cecilia intercede and strengthen your spirit, making each performance a successful journey to unity with Christ.




Prayer to St. Cecilia for Musicians

Eternal God, You have granted me the most generous blessing of having my beloved Saint Cecilia as a powerful protector and patron saint of music. I strive to lead my life with dedication and reverence in her honor so that one day I may be welcomed in Your glorious Heaven, where together we can praise and venerate You with our instruments and voices. Holy Trinity, one True God, have mercy on us! O illustrious Virgin Saint Cecilia, you dedicated your life to protecting the faith in Jesus Christ while being an embodiment of sacred harmony through song. Therefore, I beg for your kind intercession into all matters related to music-making, which is my passion – singing praises from my heart and soul, playing notes of divine worship on my instrument, writing melodies inspired by the love for You above all else, giving witness to Christ’s presence everywhere through sound. Gracious St. Cecilia, please strengthen me in spirit so that each time I play or sing, I become more united closely with Jesus. Pray for me that whatever musical endeavors are presented before me may be successful ones – putting forth only works worthy of glorifying our Almighty Creator! Amen.

By: Editorial Team

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