Prayer to Saint Bridget

Saint Bridget can save you and is well known for her 12-year prayer for the salvation of the soul. Here we collect all the prayers dedicated to her.

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😇 Saint Bridget
🎉 Commemoration:

Bridget Birgersdotter, better known to all as St Bridget of Sweden, was a Catholic nun much revered throughout Europe.

Her life was marked by great personal tragedies, such as the passing of almost all her loved ones. However, the love of God led her to become one of the most influential women of the time, especially in the Roman Empire of the time.

Venerable in most European countries as an undisputed patroness, St Bridget is recognized by the faithful for her incredible power in praying to St Bridget, granting miracles, and hearing the prayers of the neediest, chiefly widows or anyone who mourns the death of a family member.

Prayer to St. Bridget for 12 years

Divine God, creator of the universe, Father of all we know. You give your unconditional love to the men on earth and always protect them with your positive energy.

You only ask in return for unquestioned faith and the spread of your teachings, Lord, and I have fully fulfilled all your wishes.

You entrusted St. Bridget with the prayers of 12 years.

You promised her, and anyone who wants to enter the world of heaven to be by her side, eternal divine protection in exchange for constant prayers for 12 consecutive years or until life dies from her eyes.

I beg you, Lord, give me strength and constancy to fulfill this strong challenge that you have placed on my path.

Fill me with your courage and example, give me the way to fulfill the Father’s wish. I offer my prayer, and I offer my precious work all year long.

Jesus’ promises are what move me, so I ask you to fill me with them for the next 12 years, all year long, or until my earthly life is over.

I pray for my salvation and that of all believers. You have taught me to worship God above all things, to love Him with all my heart, and I will do it forever and ever.


Prayer to St. Bridget for the souls in purgatory

Holy Bridget of Sweden, Holy Mother! No one like you has suffered such a near-death.

You have shown that with enormous inner strength and a pure soul in the face of life’s adversities, and that the obstacles that the Lord puts in the way can be overcome, by spirituality.

I ask you, St. Bridget, to protect everyone who is on the way or there present in purgatory.

You, who have lived death so close, know that the process is complicated and painful. I ask you to remove the suffering from your souls, to allow them to reach Heaven peacefully and healthily.

Help them to find the right path to divine salvation. Take them by the hand and lead them to where God is.

Show the bereaved that they must follow the light to heaven and that God is waiting for them with open arms to forgive their story and help their children in all their sins.

Protect all those who have recently died, especially my loved ones, and allow them to achieve full happiness at Our Lord’s side.

I am begging you!


The 15 prayers to Saint Bridget

These powerful prayers were revealed by Jesus to Saint Bridget and approved by Pope Pius IX as authentic and of great benefit to all on May 31, 19862.

We must pray to the Holy Spirit and begin:


For priests, nuns, and militant religious!

Pray now an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

O JESUS CHRIST, eternal sweetness for those who love you, the joy that surpasses all pleasure and all desire, hope for the salvation of sinners, who have declared that you have no greater contentment than to be among men, to the point of assuming our nature, in the fullness of time.

Remember your sufferings from the first moment of your Conception and especially during your Holy Passion, as it had been decreed and established from all eternity in the divine mind.

Remember Lord, that by celebrating the Supper with your disciples, after you had washed their feet, you gave them your Sacred Body and precious Blood and, sweetly consoling them, you foretold your imminent Passion.

Remember the sadness and the bitterness that you experienced in your Soul as you witnessed it yourself in these words: “My Soul is sad until death.”

Remember, Lord, the fears, anguish, and sorrows that you endured in Your delicate Body, before the torment of the Cross, when, after having prayed three times, you were betrayed by Judas Your disciple, imprisoned by the nation You chose, accused by false witnesses, unjustly judged by three judges, in the flower of Your youth and in the solemn time of the Passover.

Remember that you were stripped of your garments and clothed with the garments of derision, that they watched your eyes and your face, that they slapped you, that they crowned you with thorns, that they put a reed in your hand and that, tied to a pillar, you were torn apart by blows and ended up with outrages and outrages.

In memory of these pains and sorrows which you endured before Your Passion on the Cross, grant me, before death, true contrition, the opportunity to confess myself with the purity of intention and absolute sincerity, adequate satisfaction, and the remission of all my sins.

So be it!

2nd PRAYER: For the workers in General

Our Father and Hail Mary

JESUS CHRIST, true freedom of the Angels, the paradise of delights, remind You of the overwhelming weight of sorrows You endured when Your enemies, like furious lions, surrounded You and, using a thousand insults, spitting, slaps, scratches and other unheard-of torments tormented Your porphyry.

In consideration of these insults and torments, I beseech You, O my Saviour, that You may free me from my enemies, visible and invisible, and cause me to reach eternal perfection with Your help.

So be it!

3rd PRAYER: For the prisoners

Our Father and Hail Mary

O JESUS CHRIST, Creator of heaven and earth, to whom nothing can contain or limit, You who embrace all and have all under Your power, remember the pain, filled with bitterness, which You experienced when the soldiers, nailed to the Cross Your holy hands and your feet, so delicate, pierced them with tremendous and rusty carnations and not finding them in the state in which they would have wished, to give vent to their anger, they enlarged Your wounds, thus exacerbating Your pains.

Then, by unheard-of cruelty, they spread you over the Cross and turned you on all sides, thus displacing your limbs. I beseech you, by the remembrance of this pain which you endured on the Cross, with such holiness and meekness, that you may grant me your fear and your love. So be it!

4th PRAYER: For the sick

Our Father and Hail Mary

Oh JESUS CHRIST, celestial physician, you were raised on the Cross to heal our wounds through you, remember the grief in which you found yourself and the bruises that you inflicted on your Sacred limbs, none of which remained in your place, so that no pain could be compared to you.

From the sole of your feet to the top of your head, no part of your body was free from torments, and yet, having forgotten your sufferings, you did not tire of begging your FATHER, for the enemies that surrounded you, saying: “FATHER, forgive them because they know not what they do.”

Through this great mercy and in memory of this pain, make the remembrance of Your Passion, so impregnated with bitterness, work in me perfect contrition and the remission of all my sins.

So be it!

5th PRAYER: For the staff of the hospitals

Our Father and Hail Mary

JESUS CHRIST, a mirror of eternal splendor, remember the sadness you felt when, contemplating the light of Your Divinity the predestination of those who should be saved by the merits of Your holy passion, You considered at the same time the multitude of the reprobate, which should be condemned because of their sins and You bitterly regretted the fate of these unfortunate, lost and desperate sinners.

By this abyss of compassion and piety and, above all, by the goodness which you showed to the excellent thief by saying to him, “Today you will be with me in Paradise,” I beseech you, Sweet Jesus, to show mercy to me in the hour of the passage.

So be it!

6th PRAYER: For the families

Our Father. Hail Mary.

O JESUS CHRIST, loving King and of all desires, remember the pain you experienced when naked. Like a miserable man, nailed and raised on the Cross, you were abandoned by all your relatives and friends, except your beloved mother, who remained, in the company of St. John, very faithfully with you in agony, remember that you gave them to each other “Woman, behold your son”! and to John: “Behold, your mother!

I beseech you, O my Saviour, by the sword of pain which then pierced your Holy Mother’s soul, to have compassion on me in all my anguishes and tribulations, both physical and spiritual, and to design to assist me in all my trials, especially at the hour of my death.

So be it!

7th PRAYER: Against Lust

Our Father and Hail Mary

O JESUS CHRIST, an inexhaustible source of piety, that through a deep tenderness of love you have said about the Cross: “I am thirsty!” but thirsty to save the human race.

I beseech you, O my Saviour that you may stimulate my heart’s desire to tend towards perfection in all my works and completely extinguish in me carnal lust and the ardor of worldly desires. So be it!

8th PRAYER: For children and young people

Our Father and Hail Mary

O JESUS CHRIST, the sweetness of hearts, the gentleness of spirits, by the bitter taste of gall and vinegar which you tasted on the Cross for the love of us all, grant me the grace to receive your Body and your Most Precious Blood worthily, throughout my life and at the hour of my death so that it may serve as medicine and consolation for my soul. So be it!

9th PRAYER: For the spiritual agonizers

Our Father and Hail Mary

O JESUS CHRIST, real virtue, the joy of the spirit, remember the pain that you endured, when, plunged in bitterness, feeling death approaching, insulted and outraged by men, you thought you had been abandoned by your FATHER saying: “My GOD, my GOD, why have you forsaken me?

For this anguish, I beseech Thee, O my Saviour, that Thou forsakes me not in afflictions and pain. So be it!

10th PRAYER: For the sufferers in general

Our Father and Hail Mary

O JESUS CHRIST, who is in all things beginning and end life and virtue, remember that for us, you have been plunged into an abyss of pain, from the sole of your feet to the top of your head.

In consideration of the extent of your wounds, teach me to keep your commandments through sincere charity. These commandments are spacious and pleasant paths for those who love you.

So be it!

11th PRAYER: For sinners throughout the world

Our Father. Hail Mary.

O JESUS CHRIST, the most bottomless abyss of mercy, I beseech You, in remembrance of Your wounds, which have penetrated to the marrow of your bones and reached to your bowels, that You may turn this poor sinner away from the mire of offenses in which he is submerged, leading him away from sin.

I beseech You also, hide me from Your angry Face, hiding me within Your wounds, until Your wrath and your righteous indignation have passed away.

So be it!

12th PRAYER: For all the Churches

Our Father and Hail Mary

O JESUS CHRIST, a mirror of truth, a sign of unity, the bond of charity, remind you of the innumerable wounds you have received, from the head to the feet, to the point of being torn and covered by the pureness of Your adorable Blood.

Oh, how high and universal was the pain you suffered in Your virginal flesh for our love!

O sweet Jesus, what could You do for us that You had not done so?

I beseech you, O my Saviour, to design to print, with Your Precious Blood, all Your wounds on my heart, so that I may remember without ceasing Your Sorrows and Your Love.

May through the faithful remembrance of your Passion, the fruit of your sufferings be renewed in me, each day more, until I finally find myself with you, who is the treasure of all goods and the source of all joys.

O sweet Jesus, grant me to be able to enjoy such a blessing in eternal life.

So be it!

13th PRAYER: By the present prophets

Our Father and Hail Mary

JESUS CHRIST, the most powerful Lion, immortal and invincible King, reminds you of the pain that ended when you felt all your strength, both of the Heart and the Body, was exhausted. You bowed your head, saying: “Everything is finished!

By this anguish and by this pain, I beseech You, Lord JESUS, to have mercy on me, when my last hour shall sound and my soul shall be bitter and my spirit full of affliction.

So be it!

14th PRAYER: For the politicians and the rulers

Our Father and Hail Mary

JESUS CHRIST, Only Son of the FATHER, splendor, and image of His substance, remind You of the humble recommendation You addressed to Him saying: “My FATHER, in Your Hands I commit My Spirit!

Then you breathed out, your body is broken, your heart pierced, and the bowels of your mercy opened to rescue us.

Through this precious passage, I beg You, O King of Saints, to give me strength and help me to resist the devil, flesh, and blood, so that, being dead to the world, I may live only for You.

At the hour of passage, receive, I pray You, my pilgrim, and exiled soul who returns to You. So be it!

15th PRAYER: For the Pope

Our Father and Hail Mary

O JESUS CHRIST, faithful and fruitful vine, remind you of the abundant outpouring of Blood, which you have so generously poured out of Your Holy Body, just as the grape is crushed in the winepress.

From your side opened by the spear of one of the soldiers, Blood and water poured out in such a way that you did not retain even a drop. And finally, like a bouquet of myrrh raised on the Cross, Your delicate flesh has annihilated itself, has faded the mood of Your bowels, and dried the marrow of Your bones.

For this bitter Passion and the effusion of Your precious Blood, I beseech You, oh Good JESUS, to receive me when I am in agony.

So be it!

Final prayer:

O sweet JESUS, make my heart vulnerable, that tears of repentance, compunction, and love, night and day maybe my food.

I have converted myself entirely to You. May my heart serve you as your perpetual dwelling place;

May my conduct be pleasing to you, and may the end of life be so edifying that I may be admitted to your paradise, where, with your saints, I will praise you forever. So be it!


The 12-year prayers entrusted to St. Bridget

According to the Scriptures and the testimonies, God revealed himself to Saint Brigitte of Sweden and entrusted her with the task of praying for 12 years of total healing of the spirit.

God promised that anyone who fulfilled the sacrifice would not go to Purgatory but would be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven immediately.

Likewise, those who prayed for 12 years would be accepted among the martyrs as if they had shed blood in the name of the Catholic faith.

The person who fulfills the prayers will thus guarantee that the four following generations will be forgiven by God and will receive entrance into heaven.


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