Prayer to St. Barbara

Do you have love issues? Pray right now, a powerful prayer to Saint Barbara so that your love problems can be solved urgently.

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πŸ˜‡ Saint Barbara - Saint, Virgin, Martyr
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
πŸ™Œ Patron: armourers, architects, artillerymen, firemen, mathematicians, miners, tunnellers, chemical engineers, prisoners

We all know how much love hurts and worse when it’s unrequited.

You can count on St. Barbara of Nicomedia, the Patroness of storms and lightning, who will always be willing to help when it comes to matters of the heart.

To request Saint Barbara, you can accompany her prayers with two candles, one white and the other red.

Original Prayer of St. Barbara

Saint Barbara, you are stronger than the towers of the fortresses and the violence of the hurricanes, make sure that the lightning does not strike me, that the thunder does not frighten me and that the thunder of the cannons does not shake my courage and bravery.

Remain always by my side so that I can face, with my head held high, all the storms and battles of my life: so that, winner of all the struggles, with the conscience of duty, fulfilled, I may thank my protector and give thanks to God, creator of Heaven, Earth, and Nature. God has the power to dominate the fury of the storms and soften the cruelty of wars.

Remain with me always to give me strength. Keep my heart in peace. May I know how to win in all the struggles of life, without humiliating anyone.

Saint Barbara, pray for us!

πŸ“ƒ Author Unknown

Prayer to Saint Barbara for love

Dear Saint Barbara, what I feel today for the person I love (name) had never felt before.

I know that (name), also loves me, but there are always those who cannot stand the happiness of others and want to try to destroy it, creating storms.

That is why I turn to Saint Barbara, so that I can join (name) forever, and that no storm can separate us, no matter how many obstacles and struggles we have to face.

I understand that uniting a couple forever is not easy, but you can do anything, and I know you will.

Santa Barbara will always stay with us! May the angels say Amen!

Prayer to Saint Barbara for mooring

My love consumes my soul, and I do not know how I can heal without your help, venerable, and beautiful Saint Barbara.

I pray that (name) you can look at me and be happy after so many tears for this situation.

I ask you with my prayers with all my heart to make this person (name) fall in love with me and love me as much as I love him.

I pray in the name of Jesus that love will come to wave in my life and that it will always stay with me.

I trust in you, and I know that you will help me, patroness of storms.


Prayer to Saint Barbara to call someone

I know that miracles are real and that you can do them, Saint Barbara. God is in you!

I’m sure you can make (name) love me as much as I love him, so I ask you to help me to be happy.

I trust that you will help me and that your infinite power will bring sunbeams and make eternal happiness knock at my door.


Prayer to Saint Barbara to tame husband

I pray to you, Saint Barbara, the lady of lightning and storms. I beg your strength and courage so I can calm the wrath of the one I love. There seems to be no place for the Saint in your heart, and all the negativity he carries is harming our harmony and ways.

Glorious Holy, I beg you and my God, to put an end to cholera that darkens and clouds his mind to bring peace to my home.

You have been through storms, lightning, fights, and I have faith that I can tame (name) to guide him on the path of peace, protection, and love.


Prayer to St. Barbara to bring back love

Sometimes we do things that hurt the people we love most, and that’s what happened to me with the love of my life that doesn’t even want to see me.

I know your power and the miracles you can perform, which leads me to turn to you, Blessed Saint Barbara, that so many fights, so many storms, and lightning have passed.

In these moments of pain and grave uncertainty, I appeal to your infinite strength and mercy. So that you can help me to recover the affection of (name) and so that we can be as happy as we were before.

I implore you, St. Barbara Blessed, the lady of fights, storms, and lightning stay with me always and make (name) come back and feel so in love with me.


Prayer to Saint Barbara to obtain a grace

My dear St. Barbara, the lady of fights, lightning, and storms, I have turned to you many times.

I say these prayers because I have a purpose, and I count on your support.

Many consider it an impossible goal, but for you, there is nothing that cannot be achieved in life.

For the same reason, I am sure that I can count on the lady of lightning for the fulfillment of everything I ask at this moment in my life.



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