Prayer to Pomba Gira

To call someone or bring love back, say the powerful prayer to Pomba Gira so that Maria Padilha can help you make a strong tie.

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😇 Maria Padilha - Pomba Gira
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Pomba Gira is a powerful sorceress with many qualities capable of solving various problems such as :

  • undoing spells
  • fix the issues of love
  • help with health matters

There are several spells, but in this case, we will focus on the prayer to Pomba Gira to bring love back (because it serves as a loving tie) and the prayer to Maria Padilha.

In case you have lost your passion, you can try the following prayer to bring it back. And then tie it tight so that it stays with you.

For there is nothing more painful than when you truly love one person, it is influenced by others—avoiding that he can’t stay with you.

Hence the importance of saying this powerful prayer to Maria Padilha, Pomba Gira.

Prayer to Pomba Gira to bring back love

I, (my name), make these prayers to my good pigeon, to help me that (person’s name) doesn’t feel like eating or drinking, that he becomes a sad, depressed person, and just keep thinking about me until he is by my side.

May she feel her body burning with passion for me! (name of the person) that your desire for me, come looking for me and be so great that you have no eyes for other women.

May you have no more pleasure or fun, you will only have that pleasure on my side.

Pomba Gira, name the person, hate all the women you have on the street, and feel good at home next to me.

I ask for a name, always have me in your thoughts, may you feel your heart fill with great joy whenever you think of me.

At this moment, I ask you, my Queen Mary Padilla of the seven crossroads, to make (name the person) to be made with passion for me. Act Cute on my behalf!

That he will only go crazy of will if he is by my side for good, to kiss me, embrace me, and love me in the fire.

May my spirit be in beautiful dreams with my image, and may he fall in love more every day.

I ask for your help, my Queen Mary Padilla of the seven crossroads, to find me beautiful and to feel jealous of my name.

I thank you for being with all the others working on my behalf.

I will divulge your name in exchange for this request, to bring (put the person’s initials), very passionate, affectionate, faithful, romantic, and kind to me.

May (person’s name) has more and more plans for our life together.

May we be happy forever!

Thank you, my Queen Maria Padilha, I trust in your powers, and I ask you to be always present in our love here on earth.

I also ask you to open all paths to our love, health, money.

I ask you, my Queen Mary Padilla, to have him by my side as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for everything. Be my guardian every moment.


📃 Author unknown

Prayer to the Pomba Gira to dominate a man

To read the contents of this prayer, you have to be outside your home. Also, you have to do it for seven days straight.

On the last day, make an offering to Pomba Gira. There are many things you can offer, like:

  • cigarettes
  • bijouterie
  • perfume

This will make your request stronger. But one thing, these objects have to be new!

Don’t forget that this prayer should only be said if you truly love that person. For nothing undoes what was gathered by the power of Maria Padilha.

Let’s go with the prayer of the Pomba Gira.

Hail to the Pomba Gira of the Seven Crossroads!

Behind me, you (say the person’s name) will come from trail, passionate and meek.

Hail to Pomba Gira, Maria Padilha, Queen of the Seven Crossroads! I know your strength and your power. I ask you to grant me the following request:

That (say the person’s name) you do not eat and do not sleep, do not drink, do not work, do not be able to have fun, if you are not at my side.

May your body burn with passion for me! (Say the person’s name) may your desire for me make you blind to other people?

May no one make you feel pleasure; I will only have that power.

May you (say the person’s name) leave all the other women you have on the street for good and look for none other than me.

May (say the person’s name) seek me out every moment, today, now, wishing to be at my side. And that you have me in your thoughts at all times.

Now whomever he is with, wherever he is (say the person’s name) will stop, because his thoughts are in me, he will go crazy with passion, and he will have the ideas only in me.

Now, I ask you, my most powerful Queen Mary Padilla of the Seven Crossroads, to make (say the person’s name), be mad with passion for me.

He will go mad with a desire to be with me, to embrace me, kiss me and love me as he has never loved. And when you lie down, when you wake up, have dreams about me, making you fall more and more in love with me.

I ask for your help, my Queen Maria Padilha das Sete Encruzilhadas, to make (say the person’s name) think I’m beautiful, think I’m hot, and find my body attractive and go crazy for me, feel very jealous too.

May (say the person’s name) feel pleasure just for hearing my voice!

Make him feel a passion for me that is out of the ordinary like he has never felt for another and never will.

I ask you, my Queen Mary Padilla of the seven crossroads, to make me a perfect person in bed, hot, attractive, seductive, ‘sexy.’

Give me the power to win over all the men I want, and that I lead (say the person’s name) to madness, when we love each other, that he feels all the emotions that he will never feel with another.

May we both love each other madly, as he will never do with any other woman, may we always complete each other.

I thank you, in this prayer, for being with all the other souls, working on my behalf.

I will spread your name everywhere, in exchange for this request, to bring (name the person) very passionate, affectionate, faithful, romantic, and kind to me.

Thank you, Pomba Gira, of the Seven Crossroads, I trust in your powers, and I want you to be always close to me, becoming a beautiful, young, delicate, loved, sovereign and loved person by all, like you.

Open my ways and help me to achieve all my desires, especially the love of (say the person’s name), with urgency and speed.

Thank you very much for everything. Be my guardian at all times.

📃 Author unknown

History of Maria Padilha, known as the Pomba Gira

The story of the Pomba Gira is not very clear, as it has several sources.

The most substantiated one comments that she was born around the year 1334, in the city of Valencia, Spain.

She was a woman of strange and sensual beauty.

She lived in the reign of Castile, where she was the companion of D. Maria (mother of Peter I of Castile – the well-known Cruel King).

The King married Dona Blanca de Borbon, of the court of France.

This was not a love marriage; it was only political-economic.

Pedro enchanted Maria Padilha, so she made a love spell with a mirror with magical powers. She made the King look in the mirror and was bewitched by her.

He became so in love with Maria that the King had a castle made in Seville, to Maria’s taste, in the Arab style.

Maria Padilha did another spell with another witch so that Pedro would have his wife killed.

Once the King’s wife was killed, they both went to live in the castle of Seville.

Years later, she died of the plague and was buried in the castle gardens. And the King made a burial as if she were a queen.

Maria’s story is not over. Because of her sins of adultery and murder, she is forbidden access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today, she stays in limbo, a place where she teaches and performs spells for those people who invoke her with the prayer to the Pomba Gira to bring back love.


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