Prayer to Our Lady of Grace

If you need to find the light, comfort, confidence, aggrandizement, courage, hope, peace, and dignity make a strong prayer to Our Lady of Grace.

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Prayers to Our Lady of Grace

😇 Our Lady of Grace - Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
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Our Lady of Grace is one of the first apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which dates back to the 1500s. Adored by many, she tells the story of this Virgin, who made three apparitions before going up to heaven.

  • In the first, she announced that she would pour out gifts on her followers and faithful to the Lord, and asked that a church be built in a small community in Europe.
  • In her second apparition, Holy Mary announced the arrival of the son of the Queen of France.
  • In the third and last apparition, he appeared from a source to give an essential message to Saint Joseph.

On his feast day, the faithful ask his intercession. For she is known to perform miracles of protection against evil and to help achieve graces and favors.

Moreover, one of Our Lady of Graces’ tasks is to spread her miraculous holy light, and hopes, to overcome the devil and avoid the Apocalypse described in our Holy Bible. That is why those who are tempted by evil come and pray to Our Lady of Grace, in search of the miraculous help.

Prayer to Our Lady of Grace of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady of Grace, of the Miraculous Medal, do not allow evil to put a blindfold on your servant’s eyes. You, as pure and of infinite light, intercede for me, in this prayer to ward off the darkness of my life, countless times.

Like You, who defeated the demon and purified his corruption with Your Light, who stepped on the tail of the Lord of Darkness, help me.

Remove all signs of evil from my flesh and soul on this day, Most Holy Mother of the Miraculous Medal. For only with your holy power and grace will I be washed from all sin.

May your outstretched hands touch my humble heart, which begs you only for mercy. With this prayer to you, Lady of Grace, Mary, the mother of Jesus, remove the darkness and pour out your mercy on me so that I may become a being of light who seeks only the path of God our Lord.

Mother of Jesus, who reigns in the heavenly world, I pray this prayer to the Lady of Grace, not to leave me alone. Lead me on the path of light, because evil threatens noble souls at night.

Intercede for me, Mary, mother of Jesus.


Prayer to Our Lady of Grace for a favor

Oh! Our Lady of Grace, today I come to your call because you are immaculate, Queen is you who is in the Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I must ask you for my soul, for today, a great sorrow rests upon it. For your help and only with your grace, can this humble servant be relieved?

I pray this prayer for me, I pray for my salvation, pity Mother Most Holy. So that you may intercede in these countless miseries and sorrows, before the eyes of God, who has all the answers, bless my lips.

Listen to your son, who, in his infinite faith, who trusts that you will help him relieve his pains by granting him this one favor that begs from the depths of his being.

Our Lady of Grace, who frees the soul, who conquers evil, who listens to her servants, who listens to me and grants me her blessings, because only with them will I be able to strengthen my spirit and overcome the obstacles of my path!

Because you always reign in heaven with our Lord and listen to my prayer, Holy Mother of God.


How to make your request to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal listens only to devotees who are always faithful to the Lord’s word and carry out their prayers daily.

It is not enough to have faith. It is also necessary to show that you are worthy of the blessings of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Therefore, pray for 15 days in a quiet place where you can talk to Our Lady and that your attention, like faith, is directed only to Her.

Only in this way will you achieve a real connection of body and soul with Our Lady so that she can intercede for your soul before the eyes of God.

If you want your prayer to go up to Heaven in God’s ears and seek the Virgin’s favor or her protection from the Evil One, pray for 21 nights as a novena so that God and Jesus can finally bless you.


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