Midnight Prayer

Finish your day with the midnight prayer. You will find a special prayer to ask God to put an end to tiredness and give you the necessary rest.

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Many of those who can read this only may do so when they are in bed, upset because they cannot sleep. But you shouldn’t wait to get to that point to ask for a good rest before embarking on the sweet arms of restful sleep.

As distressing as it may seem, you are tired all day and have trouble sleeping. If you have a partner and children, they will surely understand that this situation repeats itself a few nights a month.

This situation is normal for many, so we indicate this beautiful prayer that works miracles in your sleep, so perfect for all those people, like you, who stay awake at dawn counting stars in the sky.

This prayer, called the midnight prayer, is ideal for all those who want to put an end to their fatigue.

Midnight Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, I love and respect you all my life. You know I spend whole nights without being able to sleep, but I try to think of all the good and beautiful things you give me every day.

And it is because I know that your power is infinite, universal, and vast that I ask you to help me fall asleep on all the nights I have left to sleep on the earthly world.

My Almighty Creator, I know that many human beings suffer infinitely worse misfortunes. I also ask for them, but make me sleep deeply and calmly, like the angels, every night so that I can perform my duties every day.

I need the rest not only for myself but to fulfill my purposes and obligations as a professional energetically and to attend to the beautiful family that I have the privilege to lead.

Oh, my dear Lord Jesus Christ, only you can give me the calmest and most good hours that I am sure I am about to enjoy.


When to say that prayer?

If it is true that God is always willing to listen to every one of our supplications, it is better to recite this prayer at midnight.

There is nothing better than to turn to the Creator Father for all the consolation and healing we need.

Pray always and ask for protection, and know their power.


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