Prayer for jealousy

Jealousy is negative energy linked to evil entities that turn away from all the teachings of God. They are emotions that can destroy relationships.

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There is a widespread belief that if you are doing the right things in your life, there will always be someone jealous and jealous around you. So let’s pray to Our Lord, Jesus, and the Angels the prayer against jealousy.

The reason why many people underestimate these feelings is that they think they will be temporary, or because they mistake sick jealousy for a positive attitude.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Jealousy and envy are negative energies linked to evil entities, they create forms of uncontrollable suffering for both sides, and they distance themselves from all the teachings that Our Lord has left us.

They are dangerous emotions that can make room for anger and a sense of fear, bringing disastrous consequences in a relationship of friendship, love, or family and destroy trust between two people.

That is why it is crucial to keep jealous situations away from you, especially from your relationship as a couple, and this should be the cause and a critical point in your prayers for God’s help in this powerful prayer to end jealousy.

Prayer to rebuke jealousy

Dear Father, I know that jealousy and envy are the expressions of evil and evil spirits who hate your power of love.

They are contrary to everything you preach, I seek your teaching and show me by example, how to eliminate them from my life and my senses.

In my heart, there is only room for you, and I ask you to give me strength, protection, and wisdom to avoid any negative influence that might haunt my spouse and me.

I ask You, God, to help me detect when my heart is being flooded with malice, distrust, and jealousy, Lord.

I know that they bring no good sense and that my health, my well-being, and my relationship are affected by them.

Jealousy is the product of lies and false deceit, created in my mind, let me see the truth before my eyes.

So I ask you to eliminate jealousy in my relationship, I also ask you, Lord, to keep away envy of material objects and the accomplishments of others.

Holy Spirit, do not allow any third party to envy us and wish us evil.

Protect us with Your sacred cloak, and let us guide those whose souls have been ruled by envy, desires of persecution, betrayal, and attitudes of evil.


Tips for not being jealous

Jealousy makes a man lose his way and gets carried away by force, anger, and lies.

Some people even let themselves be governed entirely by these feelings and end up doing things that harm or also put the lives of others at risk.

Go to the following prayer to remove jealousy from your surroundings and begin to realize the benefits this brings to your life.

Eliminate the envy of your life and exchange it for joy in the achievements of others. Learn from the accomplishments of others and use these teachings for your benefit.

Drive away anyone who comes to you with lies and deceit, only to see your relationship destroyed by something that is not real!

Trust your partner entirely and, if in doubt, clarify the situation through effective communication.


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