Prayer for forgiveness

Take that grudge out of your heart with a prayer for forgiveness. If you can't, try praying to God according to the knowledge of Seicho No Ie.

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Prayers for forgiveness

We call it forgiving, the wrong action we take for people, or to excuse someone for causing us some offense, sadness, or disgust.

It is a way of freeing the other person from the remorse they feel, thus removing any resentment, resentment, or hatred.

To be able to forget an act that has left us hurt can be quite tricky.

We hope that this prayer of spiritist forgiveness or Seicho-No-Ie can take away that weight that you carry on your shoulders.

Prayer for forgiveness

Merciful Father, give me courage, and the sincere feeling of forgiveness, Lord.

May I feel in my mind and heart, as I say these prayers, that from this moment on, I forgive those people who have in some way defied me, harmed me, insulted me, or caused me unnecessary difficulties and as consequences.

With a feeling of understanding and kindness, I forgive those who have abandoned me, annoyed, betrayed, humiliated, threatened, or lied.

Jesus, I manifest, that I was also responsible for the situations of the past where I did something wrong, as well as many times I believed in people of bad character, allowing them to make a fool of me, to unload on me their bad personality and to harm my soul.

In this new process and a new phase of my life, I ask for your mercy and help, so that I can join hardworking, intelligent, and skilled people. I want to share noble thoughts at the same time as we share this path of evolution as a remedy for reconciliation with myself and with Our Lord.

I am grateful for the difficulties that these people have put me through because this is what has made me evolve to seek virtues, tenderness, encouragement, and the certainty of spiritualization.

I understand anyone who does not accept my request for forgiveness, does not believe in my repentance and does not see my good intentions, because I agree that each person’s choice is free.

At that time and in all sincerity, I ask forgiveness of all those whom I have in some way confronted, reviled, hurt, or disliked. Forgive me!

By remembering and analyzing what I have done during my life, I can see that everything I have done for good, pays off some debts, and serves to redeem all my faults.

Now with my head held high and feeling that I am better off with myself, I hold the air and focus on sending a flow of good energy to my higher self to help people when they need it.

I thank you with all my heart, the one who helped me. I commit myself to make up for it by working for the good of others, by acting as an energizer of joviality, cordiality, prosperity, and self-realization.

I will do works of good, according to the laws of nature and with the approval of our Lord, whom I feel is the only real power, working inside and outside me.

So be it, so be it, and so be it.


Prayer for forgiveness Seicho No Ie

I forgave you, and you forgave me;

You and I are one before God;

I love you, and you love me too;

You and I are one before God;

I thank you, and you acknowledge me;

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

There is no more resentment between us.

I sincerely pray for your happiness.

Be happier…

God forgives you,

so I forgive him, too.

I have forgiven all people, and I welcome them all with the Love of God.

In the same way, He forgives me for my mistakes and welcomes me with His immense love.

God’s Love, Peace, and Harmony involve me and the other.

I love him, and he loves me.

I understand him, and he understands me.

Between us, there is no misunderstanding.

He who loves does not hate, sees no fault, holds no grudge.

To love is to understand the other and not demand the impossible.

God forgives you.

Therefore, I forgive him/her.

Through the divinity of Seicho-No-Ie,

I forgive and send you waves of love.

I love you!

What is the purpose of asking forgiveness in prayer?

You may think that praying this prayer for forgiveness is like wearing a mantra.

A mantra in your unconscious with the ability to heal and overcome. As if it were some means to guide your thinking.

Think that this prayer is to take away from yourself every negative thought that remains within you against yourself.

Pray every day. But, never sleep with your dirty physical body and without letting your spirit be nourished.

Program your sleep every day to connect with the consciousnesses of light and wisdom, so that they help you to understand better, to free yourself and heal yourself.


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