Prayer for toothache

Let's say a prayer for a toothache! Ask for the intercession of St. Apollonia to end tooth and gum pain.

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Prayer for toothache can be a complement to treatment. If you suffer from this problem, ask Saint Apolonia to grant you a cure.

So be sure to stop by the dentist to find out why you have this pain. If we have some pain, we should not abandon our spiritual side, but we have to complement the treatment with the help of a doctor.

Saint Apollonia suffered martyrdom for the love of Christ. After that, she became the protector and intercessor of those who had a toothache.

Prayer to ask for healing of gum inflammation

Let us always ask for the intercession of Saint Apolonia to bring relief to our toothache. Do not forget to see a dentist if the pain persists.

Saint Apollonia also grants us a cure for gum inflammation. You can ask for the treatment of the various inflammations that can appear in the region of the mouth, which it hears us.

Saint Apollonia, the wife of Jesus, for your martyrdom has obtained the glorious reward of following the sympathies of heavenly beatitude.

God has granted you to help heal toothache, disease, and inflammation of the gums.

With sincere faith in your awesome privilege, I ask you, Holy Apollonia, relieve this pain, heal this tooth.

Hail, Holy Apollonia, come to my aid.

By your power, this tooth will heal.

Lord Jesus, hear my prayer to you, through and by the merit of the Virgin Martyr, Saint Apollonia.


Prayer to pass the toothache urgently

For those with toothache, African religions can also be used. St. Nicodemus brings us immediate relief from pain, let us pray with faith and perseverance.

My Holy Apollonia, I ask you, for the toothache you have suffered, to make this pain go away.

Touch it with your holy hand and send this pain quickly.


Who was Saint Apollonia, patroness of dentists?

Saint Apollonia lived in Alexandria around 240, a time when the Roman Empire was at its peak and persecuted the first Christians. St. Apollonia became the patron saint of dentists after she had all her teeth pulled out by sharp stones.

This occurred because the Saint never denied her faith in Jesus, and remained firm until her death. In the Monastery of St. Apollonia in Italy, you can find a tooth of the Saint, and also a piece of her jaw.


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