Prayer to make him think of me

Do you want to be the center of his attention? If you want him to think about you, do a prayer so that in his thought, there is only love for you.

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We love it when a special man gives us lots of attention. Also, we get upset when we see that for a long time, his energy is put into something different from us or the relationship.

We always try to look beautiful, be charming, and be special women to keep the look and thoughts of the man we like in us. Sometimes, however, we need extra help so that the loved oneโ€™s attention is focused only on us.

Of course, using our faith will always help us to stay focused on our goals because we do not want to fall into self-centeredness or lust. Now you will know the prayer for him to think of me, which is very strong and powerful, and that person will think like crazy about you in no time.

Under Godโ€™s cloak and following his teachings, we can now make the person follow the path of mad love and see that before his eyes, he has everything he has always sought.

Prayer for him to think of me madly 24 hours a day

Dear Heavenly Father. I want to thank you for all the times you have shown me that your word is right and that under your cloak of love and beloved understanding, everything will be possible. I believe in you so much. My faith knows no limits.

May my prayers reach the ears of my beloved (name)! May he is not able to stop thinking of me as I always think of him!

Your faith protects our love, we are kind and healthy people. May he, (name) my Lord, fall madly in love with me, to give me all his honesty and affection.

I pray that in 24 hours, my beloved, my man will have me in his mind, never stopping thinking of me, to the point of wanting to leave everything to seek me. My heart is open to love, and I know it is the right one, we are both destined to be a single soul of love under your protection.

May his soul, Lord, be intertwined with your commitment to me, and may we form a family together.

Amen St. Cyprian! Amen St. Cyprian!

Prayer for a beloved person to think of you now

Lord, my heart is open to love, and I know your plans for me are perfect. As you know, I have met the right man (name), and I am in love with him, his goodness, honesty, and good morals.

May Jesus Christ allow our souls to be permanently intertwined and our futures linked! There is nothing I desire more than to continue the rest of my life holding your hand, following your teachings together, Lord.

I ask you in my prayers that from this moment on, this man (name) will be thinking of my day and night, that he will not be able to take me out of his head and that he will always be losing sleep for me. Allow him to freely express the feeling of love that he feels for me. That every day of his existence, he can profess his most intimate desires to form a family at my side.

He is a good man, and I know that he only has good intentions, but he needs the final impulse. Let the spirit of love and family take over his mind, to realize now that before him, he has the strong woman and to be able to show him that I am the right person for him.

I thank you, Lord, for allowing our souls to meet, for showing me and thinking that the beloved person has always been by my side, but it was only about the heart and faith. Let what you have united stand firm for the rest of the days.

Amen Saint Cyprian!

Prayer to St. Cyprian for him to think of me

I invoke the powers of love, of the first dimension, where the essence of light has become light, to touch trumpets of love within the heart (name). A sound that will enter softly, but which will then fill your soul, leaving it no longer quiet and populating your heart to the point of no longer resisting, and wanting me immediately.

The beauty, the light of the angels, and the power of attraction, seduction, and especially of love will be with me, and you (name) will not resist such power and strength.

The angels will take my name to your ears, which will sweetly take your spirit and heart. Leaving you lovable, kind, and eager for my presence, making you (name) think of me (name) at every moment, as if by enchantment.

The phalanges of angels will announce my name to you. My image and presence will always be in your thoughts, as real as the sun, the moon, the stars. As real and sensitive as the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food that sustains you.

From that moment on, my dear (name) your thoughts will only be directed to me (name), to be with me, to feel at your side. You will have no rest, beloved, while you are far from me, from my arms, from my lips. Otherwise, you will no longer have pleasure and feel that life is not funny now from me.

You will then call for me. You will beg for my presence, or cry for my absence. Nothing will make sense without me at your side.

You will miss me very much. You will even be upset and anguished because you will need my presence. You will feel the thirst, the hunger to be at my side, and you will feel the sweetness and sorrow of love and passion, penetrating your innermost feelings!

These emotions will be so powerful and inexplicable that you have never felt and will never feel for another person. It will remain for you, (name), to speak to the four corners that you love me and that you always want me at your side.

Each day your desire for me and your wish will increase in an overwhelming proportion. You will then feel my beloved presence, the warmth of my body at your side as if calling you so that you can madly kill your passion.

Itโ€™s no use fighting when your heart is, in fact, already mine. The way is you and me together! Full of pleasure and joy, complementing each other. If you still gluttonize, (put his initials). Remember that this power is much higher than your will; it comes from the portal of destiny, from the most upper cosmic hierarchies.

So I (name) affirm, decree and prophet! So be it, so it is already done, maintained and consummated by my guardian angel, by the forces of true love, of the cosmic energy that will provide our happiness.

Amen Saint Cyprian!

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How do you show him your unconditional love to make him fall in love?

The relationship you so desire with the person you love is possible, but you need to take some action and pray to make him fall madly in love with you.

Show him that your love for him is unconditional! That you are there to support him in his professional decisions at all times, every hour! That his obstacles can be overcome victoriously if he listens to your advice when you want and leaves.

More than just being his life partner, make the team with him daily. Create a healthy love bond, avoid jealousy, be complicit, and you will see how the relationship will be maintained for a long time, always under the Lordโ€™s blessing.

Now think about saying a powerful prayer for him to think of me, always at the same time of day for his power, strength, and grace.


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