Prayer for him to repent

If you want to make up for the lost relationship, and are willing to forgive your repentant boyfriend or husband's mistakes, try these prayers to God.

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Life is a constant change and teaching. Often these teachings come from suffering and pain so that we can believe in faith and prayer for him to repent of what he did to me.

God taught us that we must face life bravely and that nothing is stronger than our will.

God created a world in which the situations we face daily leave only teachings for the future, where we can understand that the word of the Lord is the law that we must follow daily.

That is why when we suffer a loving disappointment produced by infidelity, we have no other way but to learn from our mistakes and begin a new path to healing and self-love.

The powerful prayers that come from honesty are the most effective. If you want to make up for your lost relationship and are willing to forgive your boyfriend or husband’s mistakes, try below these prayers for him to regret leaving me and to apologize.

Prayer for him to bitterly repent

Dear Father, I write to you with my heart in my hand, and your teachings are flooding my soul these days.

I am going through a process of reflection, and I understand that if I walk with your hand, I will be able to overcome all the obstacles and problems that have been placed in my way.

A betrayal of my companion afflicts me. He broke my heart and, in the process, decided that it would be better to leave our relationship without trying reconciliation.

I pray before you, my Lord, that you will allow him (name person) to clear his mind so that he can see the grave mistake he has made, feel guilty and repent.

Show him that repentance is the way to forgiveness for a couple, that he has done wrong, and make him feel remorse for doing what is right and still apologize for what happened.

I’m always ready to receive it with forgiveness in my soul. Show that my love is powerful and accurate and that our relationship is worth the struggle we are going through during this time.

Show him, Lord, the path of your teachings. Flood his mind with your word and prayer. Make him see my image with the goodness that is in my soul.

Teach him to pray for our love, so that we may love each other fully and do good to others.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing our paths together. I ask you to let us overcome the obstacles, to make peace, and that together, hand in hand, we may return to the relationship we had before.


Prayer for someone to apologize to you

Jesus Christ, son of God, and heir to the kingdom of heaven! My faith is infinite, and my love for you has no limits, just as I know you love women.

My relationship as a partner has collapsed. My husband, my partner, deluded by lust and desire, committed an indescribable sin in the arms of another woman. It hurt me deeply.

I ask you, Lord, to remove any negative influence that surrounds him. Take away those false friends who are only trying to fill their thoughts with a greater sin.

People like that do not deserve to share my husband’s love and have turned him into an unscrupulous being. However, he is not like that, and I beg you, Lord, to make him see the truth before his eyes.

Show him that he is better than all that; he needs to feel his powers. Show him that he has before him a woman who serves as his companion, lover, and wife, that I am his present and his future, and make the announcement that I am willing, today, to forgive him.

May he come back sorry for his mistakes, to apologize from the depths of his heart. Together we can find a way to fix the relationship because you taught me the gift of forgiveness.

I ask him to come and apologize so that I can forgive him. Wrap us in your cloak of love and return this day, the lost trust in this relationship.


Empower your prayer with actions

You must understand that actions are worth a thousand words, so if you are honestly willing to forgive your ex’s mistakes, you must fully believe. Within the Kingdom of the Lord, there is no place to lie, so you must be very honest with yourself and keep your word close to your prayer for him to repent bitterly.

The gift of forgiveness is the most sacred of all, and to achieve it is not very easy. When you feel that you can no longer return to the Lord and reflect on the situation, listen to the teachings the Bible has for you, and open your heart to God.


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