Prayers to the Orishas

The power of the Orishas (Yoruba) is indisputable. With these prayers, you will be able to ask them the most urgent favors that you need to be attended to.

Prayer to Obatala

Do you need a clearer path, or divine help to protect you and your family? Ask for Obatala's assistance, and you'll see that you'll be attended to.

Prayer to Babalu Aye

Say a prayer to Babalu Aye if you need to make a healing request. He is the Orisha of health and the one who can heal all the ills of body and soul.

Prayer to Elegua

If you need a powerful messenger to help you with your desires, ask Elegua in prayer to get love, separate couple, open ways, and protection.

Prayer to Oshun

Do you feel you need a motherly love? A little affection and attention. Pray to Mother Oshun, for she can help you in matters of love and money.

Prayer to Ogun

Do you need the help of a warrior? Ogun can help you! Now pray the strong prayer to Ogun and get the help of the power of iron.

Prayer to Nana Buluku

Summon the powers of the mighty Nana Buluku with these strong prayers to open their paths and ask for calm in the worst moments.

Prayer to Yemaya

Need a little help and some attention from the Queen of the Seas? Regardless of your request, say one of these prayers and ask Yemaya for help.

Prayer to Oya

Do you need to get a job, open paths, ask for protection, or even get a love? Say a powerful prayer to Oya today, and she will help you.

Prayer to Ochosi

Say a strong and powerful prayer to Ochosi if you need prosperity, close your body, open your ways, or take care of your health.

Prayer to Oshunmare

Do you need positive forces and energies in your favor? Say a strong and powerful prayer to Oshunmare to bring good energy into your life.

Prayer to Shango

Shango will open your doors, do justice, give protection, and bring back love! Pray to Shango for what you need, and you will be answered.

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