Prayer to Babalu Aye

Say a prayer to Babalu Aye if you need to make a healing request. He is the Orisha of health and the one who can heal all the ills of body and soul.

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Prayers to Babalu Aye

๐Ÿ˜‡ Babalu Aye - Orisha of health
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Babalu-Aye is an earthbound, Orisha. Therefore, he is associated with birth, death, and the secrets of both. On the one hand, he can bring life, but on the other hand, death too. Diseases are under Babalu Ayeโ€™s control, especially skin diseases and epidemics. With conditions, its role is ambiguous: they are signs of vengeance, but at the same time, it is the only one able to fight them and restore health and order to the spirit.

The characteristics of the father Lord Babalu-Aye should not be seen, so his face is entirely covered with straw. He not only spreads sickness but also knows the secrets for curing it. Therefore, Babalu Aye is also the physician of the people who suffer from the disease.

Make your prayers and requests for health and blessings to Orisha and Father Babalu Aye with candles in the colors red, black, purple, white.

His symbol is the sickle, and his stone is black onyx. His residence is on earth, in the underworld, in suffering, epidemic, leprosy, weakness, and fever.

Babalu Aye has Monday as his day. But August 16 is the date on which to pay tribute.

Holy Catholic who has correspondence: Saint Lazarus or Saint Roch.

Prayer to Babalu Aye for a petition

Save the Lord the Earth King!

Physician of Yoruba, Lord of the Healing of all ills of body and soul!

Father of wealth and bliss, in you I lay down my pains and bitterness, begging you for the blessings of health, peace, love, and prosperity for my life;

Make me, Lord of work, a warrior son of good cheer, with health, love, steadfastness, and disposition, to triumph in the struggle for survival.

Make and let my father, Babalu Aye, that I am worthy of deserving every day and every night, your blessings of sunlight and mercy.

Prayers to Atto, my father!

Prayer to Atotรด Babalu!

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Prayer to Babalu Aye for healing

Divine Father of Generation, I ask You in this prayer to bless my life, my seven bodies, my seven vibrating fields, and my seven senses;

May Your Blessing let go and paralyze any negativity with its magic, which intended to make my life, my health and my walk sick;

May Your Protection keep alive and healthy the dwelling place of my soul and my heart, so that no thought, feeling, word or adverse action has force in my existence or my health.

Divine Father Babalu Aye, in this prayer, I ask You to purify me and sustain me, to maintain my family, my home, my material and spiritual work, and to maintain my friends, so that the Divine Light is alive in and around us.

Sacred Father Babalu Aye, I also ask in this prayer for Your Blessing for my incarnate and disincarnate adversaries, so that any negative feeling towards me, my family or my friends may be paralyzed in them. And so that they may also let the great Divine Sustaining Light of Life be kept alight, always evolving.

Beloved Father Babalu Aye, I ask you in this prayer, that you sow within me the Seeds of True Life, of love so that I may behave as a son of GOD and understand the tremendous Divine Presence in me and my fellow beings in my requests and prayers.

Sacred Orisha Babalu Aye, I revere Your Power, Your Strength, and Your Action in my life and the life of all beings.

Thank you, my Father!

May Your Name, in this great prayer Babalu Aye, be always remembered with reverence and love, by all the children of Earth.

So be it, and so shall Babalu Aye be!

Prayer to Atotรด Babalu Aye!

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