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Prayer to break the pride

We all know very proud people in life, so it is often a bit difficult to deal with them.

If that’s what’s going on with someone you know and you want them to stop behaving that way, you need to know that you have Our Lord’s support in this hard trance.

If you want someone you love so much to stop being such a proud person, you can turn to the beautiful prayers I bring you on this beautiful day.

After spending some time praying them, I can assure you that no one will resist their charms or deal with you again with that substantial pride that bothers so many of us.


πŸ˜’ Prayer to break the pride of the loved one

On this day, my beloved Lord Jesus Christ, I want to ask you with all my heart to help me overcome the pride of that being whom I love so much, so behind all those behaviors and prejudices that prevent us from being together and being happy as I have dreamed since I first met him.

He is a beautiful person, and I have not been able to know one is more charming than him, but I do not know what to do to make him stop being so proud and express his feelings and emotions as I do so we can get along as well as I would like.

I don’t want to change him or make him someone different from who he is now because that’s how I fell in love with him, but I need him to leave behind that foolish pride that only made us unhappy and that we can’t live a full life as we both dreamed of from the first day we looked at each other in the eye.



πŸ˜’ Prayer to break someone’s pride

My Dear Lord Beloved, pride, has become the cause of many struggles between a person whom I love very much and myself.

So I’m following her teachings and advice to tell me how to deal with her so I don’t hurt her or allow her to hurt me too.

She is such a proud person that sometimes I don’t even know how to address her without her being offended or muffled.

I, therefore, ask you from the bottom of my heart to tell me what I should do and how I should talk to him to say to him that he is not always right and that he hurts me with his attitudes from time to time.

I know that you, my dear Lord, will make me see reason and that we are as good as ever.



πŸ˜’ Prayer to take pride from a man

Dear God, I have the most wonderful man in the world by my side, but I don’t understand why he becomes so proud and has so many attitudes that hurt me and hurt me so much.

I’ve told him in many ways, but he doesn’t seem to want to change these behaviors, which has brought us many problems.

It would help if you didn’t think I’m trying to change him and turn him into someone else because I’m not, but I won’t continue to tolerate him taking everything seriously and then not wanting to talk about our feelings to solve our problems.

I know you’ll touch his heart and make him see reason. All my faith is placed in You and Your Infinite Power.


How effective are these prayers against pride?

These prayers are beneficial and make the proudest person in the world end up tame as a lamb before you, but you should know that not everything is God’s work and you should also do your part so all the problems you may have been solved in the best way.