Prayer against nightmares

Do you continually wake up in the middle of the night because of nightmares? If so, say that prayer, and you will see how this fear ceases to exist.

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Nightmares can make our nights hell and torment us to the point of being afraid of bedtime. The worst thing is to know that we will have to face again the horrible and uncomfortable visions that appear when we fall into the arms of Morpheus.

If you have been tormented during your dreams, say a powerful prayer against nightmares that will make you sleep like a baby and not have to worry about the horrors of the night.

God is our Father and best friend, so He would never let us pass our dawns of rest, tormented and unable to rest for the next day to face work, life, and its challenges.

Prayer for sleeping well and without nightmares

My dear beloved Heavenly Father, it has been some time since I have been able to sleep well, just once, and I don’t know what else to do to get a restful sleep. May I have the rest of my mind and a productive day when I can perform all my daily activities without constant fatigue!

I ask you in prayer, to allow me to have pleasant dreams today or to stop having nightmares so frightening that I don’t get the rest that I need.

In many of the things I see in my sleep, there is only destruction, anguish, and death, and I don’t understand why every time I dream, I see those horrors that don’t let me stay calm any time of day.

Lord Jesus! I did everything in my power to make these horrible dreams disappear, but nothing worked. I pray this prayer against the nightmare before I go to sleep, to stay away from any harm that might be part of my mind in sleep.

I can only go back in prayer to the one who was my guide and shepherd all my life and who never failed me in much of what I asked of him.

I know that only my dear God will be able to do something about this and prevent my sleeping hours from being the hell they have become.

I keep wondering if these nightmares are the result of a punishment imposed on me for something terrible that I did. However, I have always been as kind as I could to others, and I don’t understand why I still have these thoughts during the night.

If I have done anything to deserve these visions, I hope that first, you will give me some sign so that I can pray, to redeem myself, and ask forgiveness.


Can this prayer end the nightmares?

I won’t guarantee that all your nightmares will go away immediately, even with the prayers, because you don’t know exactly when God will work on a specific case. However, I can guarantee that He will hear you and know that you need urgent help.

He will never go against or abandon his children, much less when they are desperate for some help and comfort. For this, you need to pray the prayer against the nightmare.

If you feel that you have done something to deserve those nightmares, ask God in prayer to forgive you so that you can get on with your life.

The meanings of dreams can also be warnings that the divine may want to pass, so always have great faith.


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