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Prayer against gossip

silence bad comments

Ask the Lord, through powerful prayers, to stop speaking ill of you.
Bad languages will always exist, no matter where you are, and even if you want to avoid them as much as possible, it will be almost impossible not to fall into your clutches.

A gossip person can do much damage to your life, so you should do what you can to remove your bad energies from your environment.

Nothing good comes from someone who wants to hear individual stories and in the process invents events or false accounts to get attention.

God has made you strong and courageous to keep the bad energies out of your life, but sometimes you need a little help and emotional reinforcement to combat them.

It is in times of weakness that we must turn most to the Lord, for it is there that gossip and negative energies cause irreparable destruction.

Are you having trouble recently with a gossipy person? Why don’t you turn to the following prayer to God that will help you keep your evil tongues away?


🙊 Prayer to shut the mouth of a gossip person

Dear God, Heavenly Father, I am your daughter, and my faith knows no bounds. I want to thank you first of all for all the favors and miracles you have done on my behalf.

He taught me to fight evil and showed me the courage that I have in my heart, but when I feel weak, I need his reinforcement, his words, and his breathing.

Bad energies are taking over my environment. I am a victim of false rumors and gossip created by malicious people to cause me much damage, both emotional and to my situation.

This gossip person involves in his disappointments people that I love and that I respect and do not tolerate to see how he does and undoes the truth on his whim.

I beseech you, God, to shut the mouth of all the people who speak of me without knowing the truth or the facts that have happened. Please give me the courage to defend myself when they tell lies or create deceptions that only seek to harm my loved ones and me.

Open the eyes of those around me and show them my truth, the only truth that exists and which all should know.

Protect my environment, God, from all people who only come with bad intentions. You gave me the courage to create a safe home where honesty is a core value, so please allow me to keep it that way.



How to fight gossip with a powerful prayer?

There is nothing to frighten a chatty person who fights all his lies with the truth. This, no matter how much she tries to hide it, will always come to light to show those who had little faith in the real facts.

He takes God’s story as an example of life, of how he with courage and patience was able to demonstrate to these unbelievers that his power was real.

Was God or Jesus Christ, afraid to hide the truth? Never. Always go to her in moments of need and never doubt her unique power.