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Oração contra a inveja

evil eye

Evil can be expressed in hundreds of ways, and God has given us the ability to differentiate between them, some more quickly than others.

No matter how distracted we are, we are always able to perceive when we have in our environment one of the most powerful and evil negative energies of all: Envy.

Once we detect that our environment and our lives are affected by the envy of certain people about our achievements and dreams, we must act quickly.

God gives us the courage to overcome any obstacle and remove envy from our environment should not be the exception.

With the tools given by the Lord’s Prayer through His teachings and the prayers against jealousy that we have provided you below, you will be able to eliminate any evil spirit of resentment that is near you. What do you expect to prove?


👁 Prayer against envy and the evil eye

Father, you know that jealousy and envy do so much damage that they can run into the noblest bones and hearts.

You know better than anyone else the power of corruption and the damage that envy can bring, so please remove all traces of it from the depths of my mind.

She only brings with her anger, boredom, struggles, and disappointments. There is nothing good that can come of it, and I ask you, Lord, to take it away entirely from me.

I don’t want to feel it in my heart, and I don’t want any of my loved ones to be consumed by it. Jealousy and jealousy have no place in my life or that of my loved ones.

Protect me, O Allah, from those who are not strong enough to keep jealousy and envy from their hearts. I ask you to give him enough strength to fight it. I implore you to turn the wrath of your soul into joy and pride in the accomplishments of others.

Make them see that in addition to their discomfort, they must be curious about the facts to repeat them. Protect us, Lord, from all evil.


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💼 Prayer against jealousy at work

God, keep me off the road that made me jealous or jealous of a loved one or friend. It was a moment of weakness, and now I understand how this emotion can be problematic.

God, keep me off the road that made me jealous or jealous of a loved one or friend. It was a moment of weakness, and now I understand how this emotion can be problematic.

I have the life I’ve always wanted, and I don’t have to feel upset or angry about someone else’s accomplishments. They have managed to be in the position they now have on their own merits, just as I have endeavored to achieve what I have today.

Remove from me, God, any impure thoughts of anger or pain in the accomplishments of my companions and allow pride and happiness to dominate my mind in the achievements of others.

However, I ask you, God, just as He intercedes for me. He also intercedes for all the people around me.

Let no one is manipulated by evil and anger; let his eyes be blinded by the irrational. He opens his heart to goodness, happiness, and satisfaction. It gives them the feeling of wanting to learn from the accomplishments of others, rather than seeing how they fail.


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👁 Prayer against envy and evil eye

Sir, you taught me that jealousy could only bring damage and pain. You did not create that feeling, but it hurts you to see how we humans let our souls be consumed by jealousy, even in situations that would seem silly.

It gave us the strength to fight it, and we let ourselves be defeated by evil. We failed you, sir.

That is why today I ask you to intercede for the soul and spirit of all sinners. Your son died on the cross for us; please let us redeem ourselves and correct our mistakes.

Let us see that jealousy only brings destruction, which is always accompanied by anger and anger. Let us see that negative feeling impoverish the soul, make it more substantial and more manipulable in the face of more evils.

Protect my loved ones and me from evil eye and unfounded envy. I can know when my life is being affected by them, but I need their courage and strength to get them entirely away from my being.

Let me feel only love, compassion, humility, and joy in my heart, for these are the feelings that remind me of you and your teachings.


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💍 Prayer against marriage envy

Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Son of God, heir to the kingdom of heaven. I want to thank you for all the good that you have brought to my life, for the miracles granted, for the prayers answered and for the endless hours that you heard me speak with my heart in my hands, with my soul on the surface of my skin.

Today, more than ever, I need your sacred protection. I need you, Jesus Christ, to protect my home and my loved ones, especially my partner, from all the malicious people around us who want to hurt us.

They create lies and deceit; they set us against each other as if it were a war in which no one wants to participate. We are weak, Lord, and we need your breath and your protection.

It keeps away from us all the gossip and unfounded rumors that have been created. Open our eyes and let us see the truth in our marriage, the deep love we have for each other, the dreams that we have planned together and that have gradually materialized.

Protect our marriage with your holy robe and entrust our souls to the holy spirit to lead us on the path of goodness, honesty, and respect.

We don’t have time to envy you, so we beg you to keep them out of our lives forever.


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👿 Prayer against slander and defamation

Heavenly Father, father of the kingdom of heaven, of Jesus Christ and all the beings of the universe. You created a life with your hands and your love; You filled us with joy, will, honesty and affection.

He told us to love our neighbor as if it were about ourselves. You only seek from us the healing of the soul, the liberation from sins, so we can live life to the full without bad energies around us.

Today, God, I find myself in a situation of slander and defamation against myself. A web of lies and deceit has been created around me that affects me personally and damages my image.

You know better than anyone else that I’m the right person who would never hurt another, so please help me end this once and for all.

I need Your Divine Protection, my Lord, so Your Robe of Love may be placed on my lap and cover me with all the evil intentions that occur around me, from the gossip that is directed at me, from the insults, from the lies, from the slander.

Let those around me see that everything that is said is false and that I am simply a victim of an unscrupulous person. Amen.

How to pray harder to the Lord

To fight lies and deception, you must turn directly to the truth, and the best way to start is to speak with complete honesty to our Lord. If there is anyone we can never deceive, it is God, because he sees everything and knows everything.

This is why we recommend that you pray with the honesty and humility that the Lord has taught you to have. Only then can you have a real connection in which your soul and those around you can be healed.