Prayer for work

Bless your first day of work with this strong prayer so that the place goes well before and after. Purify the work environment to make it work!

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The prayers we say in the morning, to start a day’s work or to start our day, we do them so that God will bless us, take care of us and fill us with virtues, to perform our function with good humor and motivation.

Start a day of work in the best possible and happy way, before leaving. It is better to do the prayer for work because you need yourself accompanied by God. He is the one who gives you the strength to continue in the moments you lack most, so you should never forget to thank him every morning for the good things he gives you.

Prayer for blessing the work

God, thank you for all the blessings you gave me, for giving me and going through this auspicious day, and thank you for giving me this job.

Thank you for waking up and getting a job, because you put it in my way, to have an honest life because it is a decent job with which I can support myself and my family.

Dad, even though I’m tired, you lift me. I find in you the strength before going to work every day, full of energy and faith, because I know that you take care of me and help me to be healthier.

I also thank you for all the opportunities that you have placed for me. I ask that today and always, in this prayer for work, you make me have protection, take care of me and bless this work and give me many more opportunities, and I will have peace.


Prayer for the workplace goes well

God, today I come to you with this prayer for work, to thank you for all that you have given me. For your protection, for giving me opportunities in your hands and teaching me that I must go through my struggles to go forward.

Bless this place of work, so that I may continue to prosper in it. Deliver me from the oppression and humiliation of those who abuse a higher position, for you see. They are unjust.

Good God, make me surround myself with good people. Put good-faith people in my path to work with, make them believe in your excellent work, and take your word, follow your way of goodness.

I ask you in these prayers, to take care of me on this day. To keep me away from bad influences, and from laziness, to accompany me so that I don’t fall and that each day, I am prosperous and full of good times.

We need peace in this life, my parents, and me. Amen!

Prayer for the first day at work

Lord, today I want to thank you for giving me the opportunities you have given me. For teaching me the good and the wrong things, for putting this much-needed work in my way so that I can pay for my needs.

Thank you for my new job. That is why I want to ask you to fill me with blessings, to continue to improve me as I have done so far.

Lord, on this first day, I ask you to see me, to accompany me and to be by my side. When I speak, put good terms and kind words in my mouth. Please fill me with enlightenment and new ideas that will bring benefits to those who work with me and will now be part of everyday life.



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