Prayer for Wisdom

Enhance your inner knowledge by asking God for wisdom with one of these prayers designed to take your mind to the next level of understanding.

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The prayer for wisdom and intelligence is a gift that God has given us to understand why it helps us. To have the discernment between evil and good, right and wrong, through the prayer to the Holy Spirit.

With this prayer of wisdom, we can find a way to have peace, patience, and strength to understand the responsibilities that are presented to us in life.

Because God never abandons us, because He has a path prepared for all His children, so if you want to feel closer to our Father, it is vital that you take the time to meditate and pray like the prayer for wisdom and serenity, which come from the mind and heart.

Prayer for wisdom and discernment

My Father, my Lord, help me to understand and free me from so many mistakes and misconceptions, fill me with your wisdom so that I may choose the right path.

So that I can make better decisions that help me and others around me, Holy Spirit, make me take the right path that will fill me with blessings and hope, not with tears.

My Lord God! Let me come to you on a sure way so as not to lose myself in the adversities of life. Always enlighten my understanding so that I can understand those who are not recognized.

Almighty, I bow before you fill me with your wisdom, power, and understanding so that I may cross all the obstacles you have placed in my path. Fill my soul so that I may always serve you with faith and devotion, thank you, my God, for life you have given me.


Prayer for wisdom and patience

God, I pray this prayer for wisdom to give me the gift of patience, inner peace, security to bear those unjust and evil people who cross my path. I wish it to fill me with your light and strength, so that I may have the notion and resolution of problems and difficult situations.

My Father, give me wisdom and respect to appreciate the simple things that come my way. To realize that I do not have the means to change what I do not understand and what I do not accept. To overcome the obstacles that place me in life, give me the truth and the strength to have the heart of your servant full of faith and hope.


Prayer for wisdom and serenity

My Father, I come to you in prayer to ask you, in moments of doubt, to put light on my path, so that you may guide me and fill me with wisdom and serenity. To give me strength, to have control over what I can and cannot change, to calm down before what life presents me.

Please help me to follow my path day after day and enjoy the good moments of my life and give me more strength. Like patience to accept adversities and understand what trials you put me through life. Because at your side, I am happy and healthy, and with faith, I can accomplish everything.


How can we ask for God's wisdom and understanding?

It is straightforward to have God in intimacy and prayer for wisdom. For the Lord to give us his wisdom and grace, we must give ourselves to him in prayers and ask to be a better person with the whole world. To always give him thanks through worship as well as to provide him with some of our time.

Therefore, we must always have our Father with us, that we yearn with our soul, as with our heart, to receive fully the wisdom and the capacity of understanding that our Father can give us.

In this prayer of asking God to give us the serenity, we need daily. He will provide us with a way to understand that there are many things we don’t have to do or many things we don’t have to solve, or that we can’t do. God’s wisdom covers our souls and makes us understand that there are reasons for this.


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