Prayer for victory

Let us pray a very strong and powerful prayer to seek the right step towards a glorious victory! Pray with faith and real dedication.

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On the cross, Christ defeated all the powers of sin and darkness and, in his resurrection, triumphed over death itself.

When we pray, we can remember to give thanks that the same supernatural power that resurrected Jesus from the grave is alive and working in us.

This page has a collection of inspiring prayers, with a powerful prayer asking for God’s victory.

Prayer for victory

Heavenly Father, we give you thanks that through our Lord Jesus Christ, you have given us a spiritual victory over all the plots and tactics of the enemy, who seeks to wreck our faith and makes us ineffective warriors of the cross.

Thank you, Lord! That in all things, we are more than victors, knowing that victory over spiritual wickedness in high places was guaranteed on the cross.

However, we need to be alert and wise, knowing that the enemy roars like a lion and walks in search of those who can devour.

Help me at all times to resist the devil and his wicked ruses, knowing that, as a son of God, I will be protected.

The enemy will flee from me, but I recognize that he uses many forms and disguises to deceive us and make our faith ineffective, unproductive, and fruitless.

Keep me walking in humility before You and listening to Your voice, knowing that the weapons of our war are not physical, but spiritual weapons, which are useful in bringing down satanic fortresses in our lives, which hinder our loving relationship with our Father.

In all things, I pray that Thou wilt rule and reign in my life, that I may live for His praise and glory until the end of my life.


Prayer of gratitude for the victory

In the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, we give priority to His name, for by His death and resurrection He has broken the power of sin and death, and obtained the most significant spiritual victory over principalities and powers-which will finally reach its conclusion when the last enemy-death is eventually placed under His feet.

How can we always praise and thank you enough for what you have done for each of us through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ?


Prayer of spiritual victory

Heavenly Father, what a privilege and joy it is to have the freedom in Christ to approach the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy to find help in times of need.

Father, how the days grow darker and wickedness seems to be filling to the brim with evil, hypocrisy, and hatred. We realize that there is a growing need to approach you and remain protected under the shadow of your wings.

Father, as we live in this physical, tangible, and visible world, sometimes I feel in my skin that there is a spiritual, intangible, invisible realm where the forces of evil are planning tests and plotting temptations for the saints of God.

To increase our awareness and understanding of the spiritual realm and to come together in Christ to stand against the forces of evil, fully equipped with the spiritual armor of God, the only one capable of protecting us from the viscous and prolonged attacks of the enemy.

With the certainty that his plans and purposes will never fail, and that we will always remember that higher is he who is in us than he who is in the world.

Thank you, Father, in the name of Jesus,



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