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Prayer to unite a couple

uniting a couple

Love is a beautiful feeling but often is a complicated subject, because we do not know how to handle some situations in love.

If you do not know how to react to a sad love situation, the best thing is to go to God, because he makes the impossible possible. Through prayers, we can make our requests and be sure that he will give us what we wish.

To unite two couples, who, for some reason, are not together today, we must cling to the word of God. Ask him to interfere amid our feelings and help us make the best decisions to be with that person we love so much.

It is not difficult to pray to our father. We must only do it with faith, and let everything flow until we feel our desire is granted. Don’t forget that the secret of every prayer is to have persistence and not to give up if we don’t get what we want quickly.

The most important love in our life must be that of God, so we should never let go of his hand, whatever the circumstance, he will always be with you. Wrap yourself in his arms, and you will see his blessings fall.


Prayer to unite a couple with God as witness

Lord, you who spread your paternal love over each of your children. Today I come to prostrate myself before you, so that you may give me strength for this evil of love that afflicts me. Please do not forsake me, for I need your help in my sentimental life.

With humility, I cry out this prayer to ask you for the union of two people who love each other. You know my heart, and you know better than anyone the circumstance I have been going through.

Allow me, Lord, to reconcile myself with the man I love, so that at last we may be together. The best desire I have is to be able to forgive all our sins, and that we may be a happy couple as we were in the beginning.

Take away from my sentimental life, the infidelities, and the people who, with their evil deeds, separated us. Let no one stand in the way of our love,

Please don’t abandon me, grant me what I so desire and need. I implore you to reconcile with the joy of forgiving our mistakes, and we can give the best of our hearts. I place my trust in you, and in the name of our love, deliver us from all evil. Amen