Prayer to unite a couple

Learn how to pray the prayer to unite a couple or two people you like, even if you are a distant couple or a mother upset with her child.

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Love is a beautiful feeling, but often it is a complicated subject because we do not know how to deal with some situations from the heart.

If you don’t know how to react to a situation of separation, we recommend going to God, because he makes the impossible possible. Through prayer, we can make our requests and be sure that he will give us what we want, and put any choice or decision in prayer for our paths to be made in the name of God.

To unite couples or people, for some reason, are not together today, we must hold on to God’s word. Ask him to interfere with our feelings and help us make the best decisions to be with the person we love so much.

It’s not hard to pray to our Father. We must and will do so only with faith, and let everything flow until we feel that our wish is granted. Don’t forget that the secret of every prayer is to have a lot of persistence and not to give up if we don’t get what we want quickly.

The most famous love in our life must be that of God, so we must never let go of his hand, whatever the circumstances, he will always be with you. Say the prayer to unite a couple. Wrap yourself in the prayers of the guardian angel to unite the two of you in his arms, and you will see his blessings around you.

Prayer to unite a couple with God as witness

Lord, you who spread your paternal love over every one of your children. Today I come to prostrate myself before you, that you may give me strength and help me in this intense anguish that afflicts me. Please do not abandon me, because I need your manifestation and support in my sentimental life.

With humility, I cry out in this prayer to ask you for the union of two people who love each other (names). You know my desire and the circumstances I have been going through better than anyone else.

Allow me, Lord, to be reconciled with the man I love so that we can finally be together. My wish is to be able to forgive all our sins, and that we may be a happy couple as we were in the beginning.

Take away infidelities, and get away from the people who, with their evil actions, have separated us. Let no one stand in the way of our guardian angel love.

Please don’t abandon me, grant me what I so desire and need. I beg you to reconcile us with the joy of forgiving our mistakes and that we may give the best of our hearts. I trust in you and, in the name of our love, deliver us from all evil.


Prayer to the Guardian Angel to unite a couple

Guardian Angel, charged with protecting those I love, admire, and respect.

On this day, my Saint, I ask for peace and protection of the person to whom you have been entrusted.

Bring him/her closer (name) to the Father and his teachings because he/she has strayed a little from the path. He (name) has protection and needs your support in his life, and I know that you can protect him from evil, and learn from it.

Guardian Angel of the person I love, I need you to bring him closer to me more quickly, and open his eyes to the truth, and join us as lovers, to live well, being truly happy. Make him/her see that I am the right person for him/her, and thus unite two people (say the name) and bring the person I love to my side.

Guardian Angel of (name), unite our bonds so that our souls intertwine. Blessed be our relationship! Guard the beloved person, as I pray that he will also give us more his mercy in his prayers.

Amen always to the Angels!

Prayer to unite two people

I pray this prayer to the guardian angel to unite the couple with my feelings on the surface because I witnessed the fall of my relationship.

Lord, who has always been able to support me in times of weakness and problems! It is you who accompany me when I am in my worst moments, and I ask you, blessed and protective entity, not to leave me alone.

My relationship is falling apart, and I am witnessing it. Habit and routine have become our worst enemies, and little by little, we distance ourselves to the point where it seems that we are no longer needed for each other.

I ask you, my Father, and the guardian angel of the beloved person (name) to be able to recover the communication that we lost some time ago, and that was the leading cause of distance in our relationship.

Show my partner that we still love each other. Remind him of the love he feels for me and let him come back to my relationship. Strengthen the bond that surrounds us, the thread that binds us together.

My Guardian Angel, I beg you to recover our relationship. Light the way to reunion and reconciliation. Give us the gift of forgiveness and allow us to listen to our fears so that we can seek a solution.



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