Prayer for childbirth

Our Lady of Childbirth is the protector of women who seek a safe and protected childbirth by the grace of our Lord. Ask her to protect your baby!

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Although not apparent, birth is a delicate procedure in which both mother and baby are at risk. A prayer for safe childbirth helps to inspire peace of mind and calms the mother.

Prayer works as a method of relief for family and friends. As long as it helps them find peace, knowing that God will take care of the life of the mother and child, both today and at the time of birth.

The goal of this prayer is that both the mother’s and the baby’s well-being are balanced during childbirth, avoiding any inconvenience and reducing the anguish the mother feels.

You can also start praying to Our Lady of Childbirth in this way from the beginning of the pregnancy, which will give her confidence, tranquility, and calm in the face of the anguish during pregnancy. To begin the phase with feelings of fear and panic is extremely risky, but sometimes inevitable.

Here are four prayers that you can use to ensure safe childbirth.

Prayer for a successful delivery

Oh! Virgin of Childbirth, you who conceived your only son, our Lord, and accepted to be the mother of the Saviour, listen to me and my humble requests.

A new life is formed in me, thanks to the will of God. I feel in my body a being who will flood my experience with the privilege of happiness and pride, and I ask you to remove from my soul and mind the anguish, sadness, and fear I feel.

Oh! Most Holy Mother, you who witnessed the suffering of your son Jesus on the way to Calvary and saw him rise from the dead. Cover my little one in your mantle and protect him from all evil while I carry him in my womb, during her safe birth, and for the rest of his long life.

I ask you in prayers that, at the moment of his peaceful birth, I may hear his first cry and see his little hands, and thus thank you for this beautiful gift you have given me.

I offer this prayer to Our Lady of Childbirth, so that you may not forget those who find themselves in this struggle, alone on the path to motherhood, with afflictions, without love and support in this world.

Let them feel the affection with which you have involved me so that they know that every creature is a blessing from the Lord Jesus! And let them also know that the courageous choice to have a child in this world is a privilege and will be rewarded in the future.

May you fill your souls with strength, love, and faith, leading them to the right path by the prayer of the Lady of Childbirth.


Prayer to Saint Raymond Nonnatus for the time of birth

St. Raymond Nonnatus, an example of kindness to those who need it most. I find myself begging in all my humility, to give me your help on this precious and delicate path of my life.

Just as your intentions to help those who need it most on earth were pure and sincere, I direct them and feel the same honesty in this call.

Oh! Holy Protector, and my Jesus, I ask you to fill with blessings the little one who grows within me.

Protect my health and my son from this moment on, all the way we walk, until the end of time. I promise to guide you on the path of God and Jesus.

Saint Raymond, immerse me in the path of benevolence and give me the privilege of being the mother of this perfect creature to whom I will give birth.

Bless me with your spirit of charity so that I, too, may enjoy such a wonderful gift, having a birth without complications.


Prayer for a pregnant woman about to give birth

Blessed Virgin Mary, Lady of Childbirth, at this moment when I am about to become a mother, just like you, I ask you to fill me with courage and calm. Shelter me in her warm embrace and accompany me in this challenging and distressing moment.

Open your heart, so delicate, but at the same time so strong, towards me. I offer you my services and more my eternal devotion.

I ask you, at the moment of surrender, to eliminate any trace of concern that I feel, and that may invade my family and friends, who have supported me so carefully during this time, with joy.

Oh! Lady of Childbirth, now that I am about to show my fruits on the divine paths and lands of your son instruct me in the best way so that I may have the privilege of accompanying my son in moments of joy and sadness.

Project me with your light and enlighten the minds of those you have sent to accomplish the task of helping me in childbirth. Please let them know so that the process can take place according to your will and without any complication.

I give you all my faith in prayers because I feel in myself, and I trust that your mercy will allow us to reach the path of victory, now and in the future.

Amen Jesus!

Prayer for before the childbirth

Father, I know very well that the family is the basis that you have idealized for the continuity of humanity.

I accept and feel the responsibility and privilege of the path to which I have decided to ascend. As well as your goodwill that allowed me to come here, despite adversity and anguish, I come humbly to pray for your help and that of Our Lady of Childbirth.

If your will is to take me by the hand in the last stage of my pregnancy, so be it. The child who has spent the previous months growing inside me will be born and will live as a believer in her mercy.

Oh! Father, allow the intervention of your servant Saint Raymond, the savior of the poor and needy, Saint of the pregnant, that I have the privilege of him helping me in the culmination of this beautiful period of pregnancy.

Please eliminate any inconvenience and anguish at the birth of my child, and give the doctors and nurses the wisdom to act according to your plans.

Protect me and my little one, who is about to meet the world you have created for us. We offer you eternal devotion. May everything be done at your will!



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