Prayer for truth

If uncertainty is something that does not leave you alone, pray this prayer to discover the truth of the facts and to have more clarity.

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In this life, there are things that we all ignore, one of them is the lie or indefinite situations, and we would like to know the truth to have a little peace amid so much darkness. Surely prayer for truth will be your staunch ally.

If that is how you feel now, there is nothing better than to turn to Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the most luminous being we will find in the whole universe.

Surely, you feel when there is someone in your family or work environment who is hiding something from you and who makes you think anguished, so anguished that you couldn’t feel calm after you started to suspect that something is happening and that you completely ignore it.

If you want this situation to change and be revealed to you or someone to come and tell you the truth, say this powerful prayer for the truth to be revealed, and you will see the message in crystal clear water.

Prayer for truth to come out

Oh! My God! Life-Giver, I am very aware that we cannot know everything in this life, and that not all the information that interests us can be at our disposal. But sometimes it’s desperate, not to have the remotest idea of what’s going on around us and about our future.

It is very frustrating to have the suspicion that something is happening and not be able to solve anything for lack of data or evidence.

I am so worried about not knowing what is going on around me that I live in constant anxiety, which does not allow me to sleep in peace or develop my daily activities.

It is frustrating, so I make this prayer to reveal and help me to have knowledge of many things and not be deceived. I need all the enlightenment I can give to the mind and know what some try to hide at all costs. (say people’s names)

The secrets of life cannot always be under a black veil that does not let the light see. At some point, you have to be able to access them, and there is no better way to achieve this than to have you on my side, with prayers and sympathies for it.

Lies are common, and I can only distinguish between real and false with the beautiful teachings and powers that you and all your angels give to your children.

There is nothing worse in life than being blind without knowing where we are going or what we might stumble to from one moment to the next.

Many will say that there is the joy of living because we always find a new surprise, a tool, hope, revelation. However, there is nothing cheerful or funny about not being able to protect ourselves from the dangers and all the bad things that await us.

I know that you understand everything and that you will help me to discover any beloved truth, today, no matter what it takes.


How long before I know the truth?

I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way, and it’s not as easy as you see it. If you want prayer to give the results you seek as soon as possible, then you must pray with all the faith you have in the Creator and as often as possible.

You can bathe in herbs or coarse salt, take away envy and bring positive energy.

There is no guarantee that you will be heard as soon as you address God at the first opportunity, so you should do your part and try to communicate with Him as often as necessary so that you can achieve your purposes.

Have faith in the holy love of Our Lord; you will succeed.


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