Prayer to undo mooring

How do we act if we suspect our partner was tied up? There is no doubt that magic is a sin and that the one who practices it needs divine protection.

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Healing your partnerโ€™s soul also requires your help, and only God can guide you. Pray the prayer to undo mooring, and you will see the result.

Surely you have heard in your environment people who become madly in love with others thanks to the effect of a white spell or witchcraft called loving binding.

However, the recipients of these rituals are often unaware that it is happening and end up being involved in a spell without their will.

The effects are terrible, and the bad energies begin to destroy your home first.

Here is one of the strongest unbinding prayers of all, the intercession of St. Cyprian, with which you can eliminate any negative forces that surround your partner, and that is affecting your family life.

Prayer to undo the mooring spell

Dear God, our Lord, I come to you out of fear and despair. Something terrible is happening to my boyfriend, and we need your divine healing to eliminate all the negative entities that take care of our home.

On a whim, an unscrupulous person, guided by envy, made a tie in my boyfriend.

The (name) needs his strength, protection, and guidance to be able to undo the mooring with demon unloading.

Lord Jesus Christ! Please let your divine energy surround my life and soul, as well as his.

Help him now, to get his sympathies and through the bonds, this prayer to break the bondage, to see the promises that will not be fulfilled and thus seek the light for salvation in every detail of his grace, in the midst of so much darkness in the intentions that surrounds your heart.

My God! I ask you on this day to please eliminate the negative energy that someone has placed against us, which is hurting him and me.

Evil never happened or was the worry in our lives, and you still witnessed it. Protect us and give us strength and the certainty to drive him away together.

I beg you, Jesus Christ, to heal our souls who have been touched by sin these days.

Together with you, we are capable of everything; you give us the time to learn about the necessary strength to be free, from spells, sorcery, spirits with evil intent, you give us much love, sympathy, voice, and understanding.

Oh, Father, I ask before you and the Holy Spirit that you check any binding that has fallen on (name) and is broken immediately.

May you allow us to return to normality, and may our family, health, and home always remain under your protective mantle.


Strengthen your prayer for undoing bindings

Prayer is the ideal method to communicate with Our Lord and to ask Him personally to give salvation to your soul and that of your partner, who have been affected by negative external energies.

To increase the effectiveness of the prayer we taught you earlier, you should follow specific steps. First of all, you must do it in a quiet place, without interruptions.

Your connection with God must be optimal so that you are not distracted.

Light a candle before the prayer and extinguish it as soon as you finish, for seven days.

Focus all of your attention on the prayer to undo the mooring, all of your energy and faith should be focused on eliminating the mooring and removing all of the negative energy and mooring from your partner.


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