Prayer to the Unquiet Spirit

You tried to do everything, and it didn't work to calm down? So now, it's time to ask the Unquiet Spirit with one of these prayers to dominate and attract.

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Prayers to the unquiet spirit

The unquiet spirits are formed by seven demons, Frimost, the demon of destruction, Bechard, the devil of love, Surgat, the demon of riches, Silcharde, the demon of dominion, Gulland, the demon of envy, Astaroth, the devil of fortune, Lucifer, the demon of diseases.

Many rituals use these spirits. However, the most common is the prayer of the unquiet spirit, and the rituals of the spirit of domination, love, and luck.

Prayer to the unquiet spirit to dominate and attract

In the name of the almighty father, creator of heaven and earth, I invoke two of the unquiet spirits so that they may put their powers to my will and succeed in dominating and attracting (we say the person’s name).

With the due permission of our heavenly father, I call on this day the demon Silcharde, spirit of dominion, and may the demon Bechard, the spirit of love, come, so that at this hour and this moment they may help me to dominate and draw (we say the person’s name).

O spirit of dominion, holy and unquiet spirit, grant me the grace that (name of the person), I may not sleep, eat, drink, or walk, without having his mind upon me, (our name).

Come spirits of dominion and love, and grant me the power to take possession of the five senses of the loved one and the divine power of God that he may always be attached to my thought, body, and soul, look, love and affection.

Grant me unsettled spirits that (name of the person) desires me desperately, that this person is dominated by body and soul, that he speaks to you and that at every free moment he runs quietly at my feet, giving himself more to me, to my charms and my attraction.


Prayer to the unquiet spirit asking for love

I ask permission from the heavenly and almighty father, creator of heaven and earth, to summon one of the seven unsettled spirits, the great demon Bechard, the spirit of love, to help me fulfill my desires.

I ask Bechard, with his three heads of sex, desire, and passion, to help me to make my love long for me (we say the person’s name).

Miraculous black bitch, you who climb the mountain, go by Bechard’s hand and bring me (name of the person) and let him enchanted with my charm and sympathies so that he loves me and thinks only of me.

Unquiet spirit of love makes (name of the person) come to my feet, surrendered of love, that his interest and desire to see me only compare with his desire to have me.

You, who is the guardian of the doors of desire, make (so-and-so) want me and die of love for me (our name) and please separate it from whoever wants to take it from me.



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