Prayer to make money

Are you in financial trouble? Maybe one of those prayers to get or make quick money will help you get out of this urgent situation right away.

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Who has never been in financial trouble in their life? Sure, you’re one of them, and maybe right now, you need to say prayers to get or earn money.

We know the importance of faith in our daily lives, so pray your prayer to make money with zeal, and God will open new doors for you. Without a doubt, there are infinite possibilities in today’s market to receive extra money, you just have to search calmly, and you will find it.

The internet offers several options for freelancers, as well as you can look for a new job, that is, there are alternatives – don’t be discouraged in any way, have faith when saying the prayers to earn money.

Prayer to St. Cyprian to attract money and prosperous life

I have come to pray this prayer to Saint Cyprian to make money, wealth and fortune praising his name and presence with much love.

St. Cyprian, I come to ask, knowledge, prosperous life, with much money and that the wealth and fortune we want, go and may remain in my life, my home, my company.

Saint of the sorcerers, I implore you at an economic disadvantage, to help me by sending me the spirit of luck. I ask you to find peace, power, and balance in my economy, in my money, and to make it easier for me to obtain cash, wealth, and fortune urgently.

Knowing that it is not possible to get rich overnight, make, O saint, that life may bring me more money, much wealth, fortune, and draw nearer and nearer to me always.

I come to ask you, Saint Cyprian, to urgently open the financial ways of my company, my job, to give me vast knowledge, to attract prosperity, love, power, money, wealth and fortune.

Today, St. Cyprian of magic and love, I ask you first of all to pity my situation.

Give me hope and mercy that I may follow.

Put faith, lots of money, wealth, and fortune always at your fingertips.

Only then in your holy greatness, do I trust!

Thank you for hearing this request in this holy prayer of Saint Cyprian, my voice for money, wealth, and fortune!

I thank St. Cyprian!

Powerful prayer to get money even today

Oh! God, creator of this immense universe, I am here to invoke you on behalf of my financial life. May with this prayer, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, may I be enveloped by a stream of wealth and fortune, may luck and abundance comes with opportunities to get my company more sales and attract many clients.

Pour upon me the gift of wealth that I may see your glory and proclaim your existence wherever I go. I need the angel of money to come to visit me and place in my hands’ prosperity, knowledge, so that all that I touch may come with many riches, and so that I may pay my debts.

You, who are the owner of the fortune, come from the four corners of the world to make me a blessed one in business and to have many companies in the company. Manifest in me your greatness and make me win, conquer, and enrich because you are a God who adds, multiplies, and inserts.

By the power of Jesus Christ, I raise my voice and prophet that from this instant, the money will come in all directions to my life and avalanches of abundance. From now on, my fate is sealed because I am a child of God who created all the riches, and I will become wealthy.

This is what I ask of you, and I determine I will happen in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Strong prayer to make money urgently

Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I place myself in Your Majestic presence, and, in all sincerity, I pour out my heart to ask You to open all paths of prosperity richly.

Beloved Father! Enter with all your strength and power and remove from the path any impediment, tie, wall, depression, obstacle, lack of faith, difficulty, evil thoughts, conformism, fear, defeat, failure, laziness, discouragement, jail, lack of perseverance, envy, trap or evil influence that is preventing me from having free access to the prosperous and happy life you have already given me.

Beloved God! I ask that the Lord have mercy on me and forgive all my sins and completely transform my mind, thought, heart, emotion, spirit, wisdom, professional life, ability, entrepreneurial vision, intelligence, creativity, daring, courage, enthusiasm, faith, perseverance, and attitudes. So that I may thus observe opportunities, work with hope and determination, and strive to bring to the visible reality, all the financial blessings that the Lord has already showered upon me.

My God, I thank you in advance because you have already delivered and driven out of my prosperity, financial life, and bank account. All kinds of evil deeds, blockages, obstructions, and closed doors that were preventing me from taking possession of the abundant blessings that the Lord has kindly showered upon all areas of this life.


Prayer to make money quickly and immediately

Oh! Beloved God! With a pure heart, I ask in this prayer, your divine grace. Please give me the abundance of work the financial prosperity, the spirit of fortune.

Everything you do I trust is for my ultimate good.

With full faith in you and your miraculous graces, I open my body, mind, and soul to receive your gift of wealth, prosperity, and financial riches.

I promise to use easy money for my good and the good of others.

The will of God will be done! Thank you.


Prayer to St. Cyprian to get cash immediately

Hail St. Cyprian, make much money, wealth, and fortune stay with me forever. Saint Cyprian, bring me much money, wealth, and luck.

Just as the rooster sings, the donkey trinkets, the bell rings, the goat shouts so that you will bring me much money, wealth and fortune.

Just as the sun appears, the rain falls, make Saint Cyprian the money, wealth, and fortune to be dominated by me (his name), so be it.

Caught under my left foot, with two eyes, I see money, wealth, and fortune, with three I arrest, money, wealth and fortune, with my Guardian Angel I ask that much money, wealth and fortune come to me.

Like a crawling snake, let money, wealth, and fortune only feel close to me. Let it not be with those who do not deserve it. Let it not be with anyone else but me, let it attend to all my desires, buy what I will spend as I please, let it never make me suffer from being without the money, let it be when I sleep and wake up always that money, wealth and fortune are in my house, and purse, in my pocket, in my company, or wherever I am.

May money, wealth, and fortune are not far from me, may their values always be high, very high, turned to me alone, may money, wealth, and luck be precious to me.

May it be so! By the power of St. Cyprian, so be it.

May much money, wealth and fortune come after me, so that we may have comfort, fame, power, health, help the neediest, have an excellent coexistence, and thus be happy.

I ask Saint Cyprian, that money, wealth and fortune seek me even today, I ask this of the power of the Three Black Souls who watch over Saint Cyprian, so be it.

May money, wealth and fortune come at once to my house, and company, and my business. Let not the enemies see us, see us not, so be it, so be it, so be it.

Oh! St. Cyprian and the Three Black Souls that watch for St. Cyprian, grant my request.

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The importance of prayer to make quick money

Prayers are essential to ask for help and help at various times – health, love area, personal, professional, financial, among other known needs. You can and should ask in your prayer to earn urgent money not only for yourself but for other people you love and even your enemies.

Thank God for all that you have achieved, for the more you praise Him, the more blessings of financial prosperity you will succeed. Lead a quiet life without further trampling, be honorable, and happy, and you will be rewarded. He who acts dishonestly is surely in debt to God! This person needs to change somehow, and God is always ready to forgive.


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