Prayer for Conception

If you are trying to get pregnant but can't, ask God to give you the grace of motherhood with this strong prayer to get pregnant.

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If you have problems getting pregnant or want to ask the Lord’s blessing on this new step you are about to take. Do not hesitate to turn to prayers to beg for His mercy and protection during the process of gestation.

The greatest gift God can give a woman is to provide us with the opportunity to bring forth children who grow in our wombs, formed by the love of a person we love and respect.

Forming a family is an essential step for personal growth and one of our missions in this world. Only women have a reproductive system, and that gives human life to the world. Being a mother is a gift and a choice.

If you are willing to be a mother who places a child in the world, pray this prayer for conception from the person you love by asking for the grace of Jesus and the light of the Angel Gabriel.

Prayer for getting pregnant

Almighty God, Your mercy has taught me what is essential in life and that Your word is meant to heal, how to love, how to protect and grant the miracles we humbly ask for through prayer.

You know what my deepest desires are, and you know that my passion for motherhood, to be a mother, has become more durable and more reliable in me. My biological clock seems to be crying out for the miracle of pregnancy, and my mind will only be at peace until I see this desire fulfilled, that of having a child.

I say this prayer because I want to become pregnant urgently, Lord, and there is no one more merciful than You. You have accompanied me all my life. Now I want you to accompany me on the path of motherhood, granting me the miracle of becoming pregnant by the man I love.

Jesus and the Angel Gabriel, give me the grace and the opportunity to make my family grow with a new member, to fill with unconditional love a new being in the world, for which we will be eternally responsible.

Jesus and the Angel Gabriel, give me light and strength to my body to support this pregnancy with excellent health and that both my future child and I get out of labor, healthy. I ask You, Lord, to allow me to become pregnant with the grace of being a woman in the coming months.

I want to be a mother! Amen!

I want to be a mother.

Prayer to get pregnant of twins

My God! Only you know my true intentions! You know that I have always been a good woman who carries her teachings deeply rooted in your heart, with an incredible strength that you taught me through your word. I thank You for teaching me to be more reliable and to have patience in my requests, because sooner or later you always fulfill them, Lord.

Today I pray to you with my heart in my hands, my mind and my body entirely open for you, to your unconditional love and your mercy.

I wish, blessed Lord, to be pregnant with twins. My body cries out for it. My uterus lets me know that it is entirely ready to grow two incredible human beings at the same time. I am prepared to receive and give all the responsibility that comes with it.

So, God, I ask you through prayer, to allow me to be a mother of twins, we ask that I can grow my family twice over with one pregnancy. In my family, there is genetics, so the only thing missing is your blessing, God, to make my pregnancy possible.

I also implore you to give me and my future children health in the face of any disease that may arise. Amen!

Trust in God's Word

For the most faithful and experienced in religion, the best trick to getting pregnant is to entrust the desire to the Lord and then believe with the most vigorous faith in His word. God always listens to your prayers and makes sure that your prayers are heard and answered.

You must practice the art of patience and always keep your faith in God because only He knows when the time is right for your fertilization to take place. You may want your baby right now, but God has other plans for you.

God’s timing is perfect, and you should only trust that He knows what is best for you and your health. Open your heart to Christ and let everything flow in your time.

In the end, you will see how soon you can get pregnant by saying your prayers.


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