Prayer to find my true love

If you are looking for the right person for a relationship, the thing you can do is say this prayer to find your true love and soul mate.

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The ways of life make us meet hundreds of people. Some become extraordinary beings to us, bringing us joy and understanding. However, only one will have the ability to grow our ideal partner.

True love exists, and if you have not yet found it, you should not despair. Our Lord knows that you are a noble soul and does not want to see you suffer, so He has made you wait until the person you deserve appears in your life.

After all, it would help if you didn’t waste time with those unscrupulous, malicious beings who don’t have such a close relationship with religion, or who have been carried away by sin on several occasions.

We know that Our Father works hard, and there are millions of us asking for your attention, so sometimes things don’t happen as fast as we hope.

That is why today, we bring you an intense prayer to find my true love and thus make Him focus His energies on your request and thus help God to fulfill His mission for your merit.

Prayer to find my true love

Almighty Father, master of heaven! No one knows me better than you (name). You know that I have a pure heart, and my intentions are clear, always guided by your teachings. I speak with my heart in my hands.

You know that it has been a life of great sacrifice, and I want to share every day with someone who helps me overcome obstacles with true love. I ask in prayer that you help me to achieve a new love.

I humbly ask the right person to come into my life with open arms and that their feelings be pure.

I ask you, Lord, to be a kind being, full of joy, knowledge, energy, goodness, and honesty.

I know that my soul mate is there, so I ask Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and St. Anthony, to attract love and let him meet me.

Allow my heart to connect with him. May prosperity embraces us, and may we begin our courtship as a couple full of true love, respect, sympathy, honor, and compassion.

Keep out of my way, all those who come with evil intentions; only you are the one who has the power to know the truth of souls.

I ask you, Lord, to allow love to take hold of me, to live a full life.


Tips for finding your soul mate

Our Lord knows that you deserve the best and be happy, but it is time for you to internalize this decision too.

It would help if you never settled for someone who hurts you. The choice is essential.

True love does not make you suffer because something pure can. Remember not to question any decision of Our Lord.

God’s time is perfect. His plans never fail, and He always wants the best for you. Be patient, every day, and keep your mind open, for goodwill always attract many good things.


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