Prayer to conquer a woman

Is there any woman you're attracted to and don't know how to win her over? In this case, we recommend that you say this strong prayer for her.

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God has made us very different, so sometimes, it is almost impossible to decipher the way they think, reason, or act. That’s why this prayer to conquer a woman is very interesting.

If we often do not understand our mothers, how can we know a woman with another culture and education, but whom we like very much?

One way to do this is through the language of love.

These fantastic beings, with an incredible capacity to love and do several things at once, and what do they want? Real relationship, our understanding, and unconditional love.

Women are not so complicated, and with the guidance of the Lord and all the teachings about love that He has shown us throughout our lives, we will be more than capable of winning over the one that drives us crazy.

What better way to reflect on God’s teaching than through prayer to conquer a woman? Speaking directly to the Lord is the strongest and most powerful bond we can have.

Prayer to conquer an impossible woman

My God! I address myself to you in prayers, as I always do in periods of joy and well-being, but also those of uncertainty and sadness.

Talking to you has always allowed me, in all situations, to keep a cool head, to meditate on my decisions, and to understand your teachings in the depths of my soul.

You are a being of love, and I know that with this strength, you have created the charm in women. However, it seems a little difficult for me now to attract the attention of those I like.

It is not for lack of self-love, Lord, but because I find it challenging to understand your needs and thoughts truly.

Let me understand and have patience with everything she likes and, whatever she tells me, criticize, and comment.

Let me be confident of her desires and her failures, and know-how to help what keeps her sad or support what makes her happy.

Give me the ability, Lord, to give her everything she asks of me, because I know she does it with good in her heart and only seeks the final connection between us.

Open her eyes to me, let her see in me the man she has always dreamed of.

May she be able to imagine the stable home that she has long desired.

I can offer her all my feelings, my strength, and my charisma.

Allow me, God, to show her my true potential and let me win her hard heart.


Empower your prayer to win her love with actions

Although direct communication with God is fundamental to achieving your goals, you must accompany your words with visible actions for the woman you love.

It is not enough to foresee love if you do not show it every day.

Please pay attention to detail, listen, and don’t be ashamed to show the whole world how perfect she is for you.

In this way, you will help God in the process of making him see that you are the man she has always dreamed of, the stable and dedicated boyfriend she has been waiting for in her life.


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