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A powerful prayer to calm the mind

Serene your mind

There is nothing more harmful to the health and development of life itself than a restless mind tormented by matters that not even you can solve with your own hands.

So you should calm down a bit and think about what you can fix so that things get better.

If that’s what’s happening to you now, you can be sure that you’re not alone and that God is always watching every step you take, but that’s not why you’re going to stop praying those strong prayers, which will restore to your mind the serenity and calm you need to move forward with your life.

😵 Prayer for a confused head

Dear God and Father Creator of this world that becomes more and more complex and incomprehensible to me every day.

I have such a great fear in my soul that I don’t know how or when I can control it until I master entirely it and can continue with my life as I have done until now.

I have done everything in my power to change the situation that afflicts my soul and that of many of my loved ones, but there is no way I can feel better or stay a little calm among the many problems I have had to face these days.

That is why I turn to you, my Lord, to help me understand that there are things that I cannot change and that sometimes I must be happy with what you give us.

However difficult it may be for me, I know I have to get inside my head that not everything in life will always be as I had planned, but it is not still easy to understand this.

It has been a tough road to travel, but I am fully convinced that you have been with me to guide me in every one of the steps that I must follow.

I did what was in my hands, but I cannot avoid the terrible feeling that it was not enough, so I seek comfort in the signals they can send me.

Only then will I be fully aware that there is nothing more to be done and to put an end to this whole situation that has left me so ill for so long.

I have full confidence in you and your infinite power. Nothing’s going to change my mind.



Can a simple prayer change what I feel?

unlocking the mind

Of course, it can, so it wouldn’t be a simple prayer we’re talking about.

This is a lively and sincere conversation between a son and his father, in which the former asks the latter for a little consolation to accept what he cannot change and move forward as much as he can.

Many positive things can come out of a good and sincere conversation, so it will always be good to have one that clarifies the picture a little.