Prayer for a peaceful mind

Are your thoughts making you anguished and nervous? Soothe and serenely your troubled mind now by praying this powerful prayer.

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There is nothing more harmful to the health and development of life itself than anxiety and a mind restless and tormented by matters that cannot be resolved, so pray to calm the disturbed and confused mind.

See, observe as if you were someone else, think about your defects, and think about improving them, and after that, for sure you should pray with a little peace, you can act and take action so that things improve.

If this is what is happening to you, be sure that you are not alone and that the Lord God is always watching every step you take. Start praying a prayer to reassure the weak mind. These strong prayers will give you back the serenity and calmness you need to get on your way.

Prayer for peace of mind

Dear God and Creator Father of this world that each day becomes more complex and incomprehensible to me.

Today I have such anguish in my soul that I do not know how to control it, and I wonder how I can act to strengthen my feelings and dominate the emotions, difficulties, and this sadness and so I can hope to continue serenely with my life.

I have done everything in my power to change the situation that afflicts my soul and that of many of my loved ones and friends. But I do not know how to calm my heart and feel better or become a little calmer among the many problems I have had to face these days.

That is why I turn to you, my Lord, in heart and prayer to help me understand that there are things that I cannot change and that I must accept, understand and be happy when the solution comes to me.

It is tough for me today to understand the mishaps and stress of the situations in our lives. I know I have, that not everything in life will always be as I had planned. But it is not at all easy to understand this and to calm my thoughts and have peace.

It is a challenging path for me and my heart, Lord, but I am fully convinced that you have been with me to guide me in every step I must take.

I have done what was in my hands, but I cannot avoid the terrible feeling that it was not enough, so I seek comfort in the prayers and signs that the Lord can send to my heart.

I pray in this prayer to make my mind calm my heart, and that I see a solution and purpose in this daily search. So I will be fully aware that there is nothing else to do but to have the willingness and energy to close this situation that has left me so bad for so long.

I know my faults, but I have full confidence in the Lord to seek peace, in His infinite power, and thus to calm the heart of both myself and my fellow workers and friends.


Can a simple prayer change the way I feel?

It certainly can, so it wouldn’t be a simple prayer we’re talking about. We’re talking about praying to calm down God the Father directly. And always ask for, reassure and calm your heart and mind.

This is a healthy and sincere conversation between a son and his father, not between companions, in which the former asks the latter for some consolation to calm his heart and thus accept what he cannot change and advance as far as he can.

Many positive things can come from a healthy and sincere conversation and a prayer for a peaceful mind and nerves. In this way, it is very empowering and positive to have an action that clarifies the panorama a little.


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