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Prayer to calm a person down

screaming woman

Anger and rage are two of the most damaging feelings that can exist in our hearts. Both were created by the devil who fervently feeds on them when we allow them to abound in our hearts and dominate our souls. The Dark Lord feeds on them and, in the process, destroys all our identity and the connection we have with God.

One way to express these feelings is through violence, lies, and deceit for the people around you. Whether it is a loved one, a neighbor, or just our boss, we will always be affected by a soul that has been tormented by negative feelings such as anger.

We don’t want them to affect us definitively, so to pray to God to take these feelings away from people and, therefore, move away from our lives, can help us achieve the peace we so much need. Try it!


😑 Prayer to calm a bad person

Loving father and heavenly lord. I know that prayer is simply the breath of helplessness that feeds on you. Lord, I come to you today to pray for the many men and women who are continually struggling against the bitterness and anger that are hiding in their souls, and who are not capable of facing this disease without you.

Father, only you can face his need and break the root of his anger, his anger, and his helplessness. Only when one remains in Christ can the fruit of his Holy Spirit grow and displace the ugliness of bitterness within him, replacing it with the positive values he has taught us.

Take those who do not know you to save faith, make them see that their sins are forgiven forever if they cling to you, that your son Jesus Christ has paid the price for everything. May this evil person return to the path of God and find in your mercy and forgiveness the salvation he so desired to eliminate the discomfort that is rooted in his soul.


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😠 Prayer to tame an angry boss

Merciful God, I thank you for all that you have done in my life, for the obstacles you have helped me to overcome and for the victories you have celebrated beside me. I am your faithful daughter, and I always kneel before you, because only you know what is right for my soul and my healing.

Today I pray to You, Lord, for the mercy of my boss who seems to be controlled by anger, fury, hopelessness, and helplessness. Your soul becomes black very quickly, carried away by the evil that reigns in the world, and all your bad energy overflows into us, your employees.

I implore you to fill his heart with your love and make him see before his eyes all the damage he is doing to his employees and his business, for his anger and his decisions made in haste and impulse. Make him understand that this is not the way to relate to the people who are fundamental to his business and give him the gift of forgiveness so he can feel ashamed of all the damage he has done.

Find him again with your love, Lord. Calm your soul, that we, your employees, will be happy to receive your apologies with open arms.


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πŸ—£ Prayer to calm noisy neighbor

Dear God, Almighty. My prayer for you today comes from despair and immediate need because my body can no longer withstand the stress caused by my noisy neighbor.

Please, Lord, make him understand that he is not alone in the world and that his immature and unconscious actions have adverse effects on the people around him, including his neighbors who have to deal with his annoying noise at all times.

It enters your home and decreases the noise it generates, which stuns the neighbors so much. Open your eyes to the Truth, that in humility, you may understand the evil you have done. We will be there to support you in everything you need, but please lower your sound level at all times, especially at bedtime.

My body needs peace to communicate effectively with You, Lord. Allow me that space to breathe, making you understand that you are frightening the whole neighborhood. I beg you, God.


Identify when anger and fury take hold of you

While God’s protection always keeps us on the path of goodness and mercy, sometimes we are immersed in a hostile environment where anger, anger, deception, and lies abound can affect us more than we think possible.

It is essential that you can detect when these feelings are taking over your unconscious so you can turn to God in time.

If you are always struggling with your loved ones, going to work involves a long journey of trouble, disappointment, and lies, or your neighbors have complained continuously about your unconscious attitudes towards their people, take some time to introspect and see what feelings prevail in your soul.

If you find yourself in front of the mirror and do not like the person you see in front of you, with a look full of anger and suspicion, it is time for you to offer your soul to God for total healing.