Prayer to call someone

If you want to call someone, especially if it is for love, with these prayers, you will be able to reach him, no matter how far away he is.

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Prayers to call someone

If you need someone very dear to you, pray heartily to call someone to the Lord with great faith and love, with the conviction that your desire to have that particular person close to you will be higher than the distance.

Just be patient and call someone with a lot of hope, don’t let anything stand in your way at the moment you want to call on someone. Because what you ask for with love and strength, the father will give you everything you need.

The Almighty will never abandon you as long as your intentions are heartfelt and genuine, remember that he is the one who sees everything. Never doubt the strength of an intense prayer made with the greatest love in the world.

Strong prayer to call someone urgent

Christ, you who are the energy that can do everything, I ask you with all my strength to call, to return my loved one (think the name) who is far away. Do not abandon me, Lord, because, without your help, I will never be able to have this person by my side to make me happy.

My Lord, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, from heaven, to make your special calls to have my particular person back, my love. Only you know how much I need to talk to this guy.

I ask forgiveness for all the mistakes I’ve made in my life. I know I’m not perfect, I ask forgiveness, for my moments of doubt and uncertainty. I’ve been thinking, and suddenly I realize the truth, I really want this person with me, but here I am on my knees asking you to bring me back (name) that I want so much now.

Dear Lord, do not punish me with your wrath for all the sins I have committed. I need you to draw to me the energy and presence of this special someone (so-and-so). Do not let me continue to have this feeling of loneliness in me.

I will make an offering, and say the prayers that God has taught us.


Prayer to call someone who is far away

Jesus, I come to you because, at this moment, a great feeling of sadness takes hold of me. I feel sad not having my loved ones around. I want to remain in prayer to be closer to you, Father, and this solitude will be less.

I know there is no distance when the feelings are real, but I don’t want to feel that you are far away, my Lord. I only want one thing, my God. I beg someone at least once to keep me present in their thoughts.

(Call the name of the beloved person)

Heavenly Father God, you know I don’t forget so quickly, I’d like to be closer to those dear people. I feel that I am distressed and anguished because I no longer have the sensations of what is familiar to me in thought. The days are years when I am not next to my loved ones.

Only you, my Lord, know what I am feeling now, so I make this strong prayer to call someone, to be happy with myself on this day.


When do I say this prayer?

When you feel that you are alone, what you need is to say the prayer, talk to the Lord, He is always willing to listen. Eternal happiness allows you to enjoy the little things in life, no matter what happens, the best is about to come to you.

Anguish and fear are temporary, but with the help of the Holy God, everything will be simplified. He will always be there when you need Him, belief, and be convinced that it is so. The world without Jesus would be quite empty, let yourself fight headlong for what you think is right.


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