Prayer to be attractive

If you want to draw a man's attention through irresistible beauty, this prayer will help you improve your self-esteem to achieve this.

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All women have beautiful things that attract and drive men crazy to see us, but some women feel invisible to men’s eyes and desires.

It is very unfair for a woman to feel this way, so she should take refuge in God as soon as possible so that He can guide her through the necessary steps to make her love and feel wanted, as she should always have been.

This post is for you, woman.

You have always felt less, and you want others to transform you to see how beautiful you are. To see everything beautiful in you and that you have to offer the world. So I bring you the most beautiful of prayers to be irresistible in the eyes of others.

Prayer to become more attractive and seductive in the eyes of men

My dear Lord God Father, I feel so sad and so empty that I don’t know how long I can stay in a world so cruel that it only looks at appearance and beauty. I feel so insignificant that I believe no man could turn his eyes to me. Everyone tells me it’s my low self-esteem and that I’m capable of attracting the man I want, but I think they only say that to make me feel better.

It is for all of this, beloved God, that I pray with all my heart this prayer to become more attractive so that you can make me powerful and sexy in the eyes of men and desire me. I don’t want to feel inferior to my friends. I want to be a woman with vanity, seduction, and with the purpose, I have always dreamed of and show everyone that I am much more than they see every day.

Besides, I know that physical image has a lot to do with the way I am perceived, so I ask you to make my body and my face beautiful and attractive. I want you to make me a gorgeous woman, and I want to attract men. I want to be the most incredible and beautiful of all, and that there are only looks of admiration and desire for my person. Those looks that before and for so long have denied me everything because they consider me unimportant.

From now on, I want many to see me as what they would like to have, but that even in the best dreams, they could not. I miss everyone who sees me as the person with a desirable appearance and full of sympathies, who has already had the pleasure of understanding, but I know that this will only be possible with their power of love and infinite strength. That same power that I now need to become all that I want.

I, (name it), will be the woman of dreams and then, the woman of thoughts of all the others. Everything is thanks to faith in you! God of my soul and my heart!


Will I become so attractive, engaging, and sexy in no time?

God has been the cause of the greatest miracles we have ever witnessed in this life. If you feel that no one turns to see you because you don’t have the physique of a movie star, you can be sure that you will get the attention of those with whom you have always dreamed if you pray with all the devotion in the world.

Even if you don’t get a monumental change, you will be able to detach yourself from everything that makes you and all the women who inhabit this planet beautiful, everything that makes you a fantastic woman and more attractive to male looks.


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