Teacher's Prayer

If you are a teacher and need inspiration or want to thank God for your work, say one of these powerful prayers.

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One of the most devalued professions in several countries is that of the teacher, unfortunately.

These teaching professionals give the blood, sweat, and tears to turn students into better citizens and train new doctors, engineers, dentists, architects, among a thousand other vital professions.

The prayer of teachers is essential so that these professionals can always be protected from all the evil around them.

Unfortunately, most students have no interest in participating in classes, and there is great disrespect towards teachers.

It is up to us to ask with faith for many prayers from the great teachers of this country and the world.

Prayer gives me Lord the gift of teaching

Give me, Lord, the gift of teaching,

Give me this grace that comes from love.

But before you teach, Lord,

Could you give me the gift of learning?

Learn to teach

Learn the love of teaching.

Let my teaching be simple,

human and joyful, like love.

To always learn.

May I persevere more in learning than in teaching!

May my wisdom enlighten and not just shine.

Let my knowledge not overpower anyone, but lead to the truth.

May my knowledge does not produce pride,

But growing up and supply yourselves with humility.

Let my words not be hurt or concealed,

But cheer the faces of those who seek the light.

May my voice never frighten,

But be the preaching of hope.

May I learn that those who don’t understand me

You need me even more,

And never give him the presumption of being better.

Give me, Lord, also the wisdom of unlearning,

So I can bring the new, the hope,

And not be a perpetrator of disappointment.

Give me, Lord, the wisdom of learning.

Let me teach you to distribute the wisdom of love.

Teacher's prayer for the beginning of the school year

Thank you, Lord, for assigning me the mission of teaching and for making me a teacher in the world of education.

I thank you for the commitment to form so many people, and I offer you all my gifts.

The challenges of each day are significant, but it is gratifying to see the objectives achieved, in the grace of serving, collaborating, and broadening the horizons of knowledge.

I want to celebrate my achievements by also exalting the suffering that has made me grow and evolve.

I want to renew every day the courage always to start again.


Inspire me in my vocation as a teacher and communicator so that I can make use of my technique.

Bless all those who commit themselves to this work by enlightening their path.

Thank you, my God, for life and for making me an educator today and always.


The importance of teachers

Teachers are trainers of millions of professionals and deserve all the respect. They transmit knowledge so that students can have a better future.

Teachers deserve all the credit and respect in the world, and few countries value them.

Surely the great geniuses of humanity have had teachers!

We should always pray for these professionals so that they never give up their dreams.

Teaching is a gift for a few – education is a gift!

Living day by day in a classroom is a challenge, and getting new professionals to graduate is a blessing.

If you are a teacher, feel privileged, so ask the Lord to enlighten you today and always in your profession.

If you have a teacher in your family, pray that he may continue to do his job well.

Have you ever imagined a world without schools or colleges? Very difficult to think about, do you agree? Think about your children and how you would like them to be educated and what profession you would pursue without a teacher in charge.

Teaching is for the few, so if you have the gift, after praying, go ahead and go on for the rest of your life, helping hundreds of people.

Always pray for strength and health to follow your professional life.


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