Prayer for surgery

If you are going to have surgery, regardless of the context, it is good to pray that the Lord will take care of you and protect you with His power.

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For various situations or problems, we usually turn to God, to trust, to protect ourselves, or to give strength in difficult situations, for example, in the case of operations.

As these are risky situations, we entrust ourselves to the Lord before, during, and after the surgery through the prayers that allow us to calm our nerves and thoughts in a negative way.

If the family accompanies us in these prayers for surgery, the strength and faith in the words we say before God increases even more.

Prayer before surgery

Almighty, you who love all your children and protect them from all adversity, today I entrust myself to you to care for and protect me. Please give me the strength and encouragement I need to resist and undergo this surgery, relieve my fears and anxieties.

Be there to guide and bless the hands of surgeons and nurses. It gives strength to all my family and friends to endure the waiting for news.

Give me your hand to strengthen me and make me feel better, healthier, and stronger, because with you, my Lord, I will be able to resist any adversity in the name of the Lord.


Prayer for a successful surgery

My Lord, if I’m here, it’s because you wanted me to be here. Today I ask you to protect me with your cloak and fill me with great strength, patience, and wisdom so that I can accomplish all that I need in this procedure.

I ask you to take me by the hand in this procedure, to take care of me and protect me. Give the doctors, skills, and guidance at all times to do their job and for everything to be successful.

I trust you to bathe me in well-being and safety because I put my faith in you completely. My Lord, thanks to you, I can get out of this situation, always be my protector and my guide.


Prayer after surgery

Today I thank you, my father and creator, for helping me overcome the fears and anxieties of my heart. Thank you for giving me the strength to be where I am and to recover from this surgery.

Thank you for the strength and patience you gave my family to endure so many hours of surgery.

My Lord, I thank you for covering me with your cloak to give me the strength I needed to go through this surgical procedure.

For listening to me and always taking me by the hand to fight all adversities. I will always entrust myself to you, and in your prayer, my Father.


Prayer for recovery from surgery

Almighty, you who have always guided my steps, I ask you for protection for my body. To continue recovering after this surgery, and I thank you for being present during my operation and now in recovery.

Almighty, today I offer you this prayer, my heart, and life because you have given yours for us, thanks to you, we live and exist.

Bless me with all your love, and give me the ability to move forward, fill me with health and strength.


Why pray before the operation?

When we decide to pray before surgery, we do so with the heart and faith that with the protection of the Father and the hands of doctors, everything will happen normally and well. Trusting in the Lord through prayer makes us feel less nervous and calmer.

Our Father puts obstacles on the way to strengthen us and fulfill the destiny that our father prepared for us, this prayer is always good to make them accompanied by relatives because the family becomes a strength to face any situation. Prayers must always come from the heart because we strengthen our faith in God the Father.


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