Sunrise Prayer

Start the day energized by saying a prayer at sunrise. You will find a special prayer to give thanks and ask for God's protection for your day.

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Start your day with this inspiring prayer, and you too can send, if you like, this sunrise prayer to the person who needs and deserves it today!

When the Sun rises every day, renewing our goals, dreams, strengths, and energy, it, with its incredible light, helps us to prepare for another day of work, struggles, successes, and achievements.

The dawn of every day is very special, and you know it is also unique. The orange light falls on the window to energize us and tell us that we are alive, and we will start again.

If you squeeze, smile, concentrate, and say this sunrise prayer.

Each day that dawns resembles a blank page on which we record our thoughts, actions, and attitudes. In essence, each day is the preparation of our tomorrow.

Prayer for the sunrise

Universal Father, the symbol of light and Sun, divine manifestation, he who rules, blesses and protects.

I make this prayer, Lord, like a psalm, at sunrise, because it symbolizes the new, birth, joy, youth, eternity, and resurrection.

Lord, may the beauty of the sunlight represent to men and women the blessings of God, he who is the symbolism of hope, will, the wisdom of spirit and heart.

I pray this prayer so that it may be a demonstration of strength and the overcoming of difficulties.

May this symbol of Christ insofar as his rays represent his apostles and the presence of the good Lord, by reflecting energy and light, be one of the Christian symbols of the resurrection and his benevolence.

I ask that the dawn of this day, this clarity visible in heaven and indicating the beginning of the new day, protect childhood, youth, people, and the beginning of life.

I pray, looking at the infinite that is the origin of everything, because only something unlimited and eternal, like the Lord, could explain the multiplicity of things.

I am grateful when I wake up, for this sunny day, that we have more love, vitality, knowledge, power.

I pray for the strength to face obstacles and recognize mistakes and to seek peace in my day, the day of my family, children, friends, and colleagues.

A sophisticated symbol of the Sun, which represents the life force and cosmic power of God in the creation of the world, I pray that it will give us the chance to start this day anew, with discoveries and journeys.

I thank you for your presence, Lord, for the food on my table, for my work, my health, for being able to look at the needs and help others.

I thank you for the opportunities that may come for the good and bad days that I will overcome, for the good of my family, and my loves.

I always thank you for the gift of a new beginning! Amen!

At what time of day can this prayer be said?

The answer to this question is simple: it depends on your needs.

You can say this prayer every morning, right after you get up, but if you forget, you can do it mentally wherever you are at any time of the day.

It doesnโ€™t have to be in the format as it was put in the text since everyone can adapt it to their specific needs or for a special thank you.


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